Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets

Made for Big Bikers: The New Trends in Plus Size Biker Jackets

There are numerous styles of motorcycle jackets that are becoming more popular to the bikers around the world, which can give them their own unique fashion sense. Even for fuller figures, a lot of plus size motorcycle jackets are available in the market today, which have comfortable fit to plus sizes.

There are different styles of leather motorcycle jackets. Below are some of the plus size motorcycle jackets for women:

Classic Leather Café Racing Jackets for Women

These jackets are made of premium cowhide leather with brass hardware and featuring mandarin style collar with heavy zippers. These racing jackets have zip out lining with two pockets with zipper. There is also an inside horizontal pocket, side zipper and a snap to make the wearer comfortable when sitting. These jackets are meant for a long-time use.

Broken Wing Leather Motorcycle Jackets

These jackets are available to plus size motorcycle jackets. The jacket features front zipper covering, a snap down collar with zip out lines. These jackets have front pocket with zipper, an inside chest pocket vertically and zip cuffs. These bikers’ jackets have tapered fit with side lace. They are made of pure cowhide leather and also viewed as classic jackets.

Double Side Buckle Leather Motorcycle Jackets

This type of motorcycle jackets are made of 100% cowhide black leather. The jackets feature quilted lining, adjustable side buckles, breast pockets, and cuffs with zip, two front pockets and with snap down collar with silver hardware.

Reflector Skull Leather Jackets

These jackets are made of heavy cowhide leather having vents at the front, back and arms. The jacket also features removable elbow with back and shoulder pads. The long back has zippers and full sleeves lining.

Rose Inlay Fringe Leather Jackets

These jackets are made of cowhide leather with trimmed braided leather. There is fringe from the back and front with suede rose inlay from the chest and the center back.

Vintage Brown Leather Motorcycle Jackets

These jackets have concealed carry all pockets and made of thick cowhide leather. These jackets feature two pockets at the chest that serves as vents too. There are 2 vertical vents at the back with zip and 2 arm vents with zip. The jackets have triple stitches seams, full sleeve lining having stretching panels for additional comfort. It also features two lower pockets with zip, zip cuffs, mandarin inspired collar and two handed gun pockets with snaps.

Women’s Vented Leather Scooter Jackets

These jackets are made of cowhide having full sleeves lining with zipper, vents at the biceps area, vertical vents at the back, front pockets with zipper and Mandarin inspired collar. These motorcycle jackets will make the wearer cool while riding their scooters.

Vented Eagle Leather Jackets

These jackets for women are made of genuine buffalo leather having features that any rider enthusiasts will surely like. The features are 2 perforated vents with zip at the front, a zippered vent at the back, zip out lines; snap racing collars, zip cuffs, padded elbows, zip pockets, brass hardware, inside-chest pocket, side lace for extra comfort and adjustable rawhide lacing at the sides. These jackets are perfect for the summer seasons.

Braided Trim Leather Motorcycle Jackets

These jackets are mad of top grain buffalo leather with hand braided leather trims at the back and front of the jacket. They also features zip lining, adjustable lacing at the sides, inside-chest pocket and snap down collars. The lacing from the sides is in black and brown colors of rawhide leather.