Leather Vest

Leather vests: The 5 new styles doing round this year

In this season, everyone want to try something different with their leather outwear to look different, yet very cool and smart. The leather vest is the best option, which you can wear it with any kind of outfit in any occasion. So give a twist to your styling with 5 new styles of leather vest, which help you to jazz up your look with minimal requirement of accessories.

The short leather vest with the skinny fit, dropping collar, asymmetrical zip closure, flap pockets and the removable buckle belt at waist looks very good, when wear with full sleeves t shirt, the denims and the leather shoes. In the same style, some vest with quilted patterns and different style using same detailing accessories are also in rage. Some vests are also available with only fashionable buttons on them, missing zips with the pointed at the ends.

The real leather is very expensive, so it is not affordable by all. The wide range of faux leather vests are available and are now loved by people due to its similar look like real leather and that too at low price. The different style, design and colors are available in this category. For women, the vest with oversize point collar can be wear as the sleeveless shrugs on full or three fourth sleeve t shirts. Girls are seen to wear such kind of vest, which are available in many colors like green, blue, black, pink and among all, different shades of brown is on the top. It can go well with denims, maxi dress, skirts, or any formal apparel showing its versatility. Some kind of same vests is also available with the drape belt.

Some leather vests are available with the leather lace at the front and at the sides of the jacket instead of button or zip. They are body fitting, deep cut front without collar. Some of these vests also come with the fringe at the front and are mostly suitable among women and look great with the denims. Such vests are also prevalent in men, but it looks good when wear for special purpose.

Motorcycle/biker vest are all time favorite among people. They also come with somewhat variations nowadays. This leather vest comes with gold and silver decorative studs at the collars and chest, which looks very rich and elegant when wear at any party. Some vests have embroidery work or have embossed leather patch work. They are also available in contrast colors like black with patches of orange, red, khaki etc. Such vest looks classic on both the men and women.

In ladies, the longer leather vests are also in style. They are longer than usual with buckle belt, zips and pockets with broad collars lying on the jacket studded with fashionable stones. This can be worn on the shorts or denims. Simple leather vest with minimal zips and pockets are also in trend, which comes with loose fit and can be paired up with any outfit.

Thus along with the leather jacket, vests are also in trends this season and the designers come with the unlimited diverse collection of leather vest every year. This gives you the change to select right vest for your wardrobe that suits your body and style.