Harley Davidson Leather Vest

A must have for stylish riders- The TOP 5 leather vests of this season

Leather vests are worn by many men for different reasons. Some of them appreciate their versatility, while others simply want to feel warm and look great. These days, this kind of clothing can be called a real fashion statement. That’s because it is appealing, strong and practical at the same time, and this means that you won’t be able to find a better addition to your winter wardrobe.

Just think about the comfort and value offered by such clothes as a high quality Harley Davidson leather vest, and you will understand why they are so popular and trendy. The good news is that it is possible to find them in a wide range of cuts and patterns. The most popular ones include bomber, biker, blazer and other variants. It is easy to find what you want if you are aware of where to look for. The best part is that leather vests are offered by many fashion brands and designers this winter season. There are different materials used to produce them, including soft cowhide, heavy duty lambskin and others.

Basically, this sleeveless clothing should be worn over other clothes, but you may come across the models that come half-sleeved can be worn without anything underneath. Do not forget that modern trends keep changing every season, so that there is always something new to try on. You need to get a better idea of the most popular choices of other consumers to know what leather vest style to look for. There are numerous designs, colors and shapes to choose from. Pay attention to available slashes, adjustable side laces, in-seam pouches, special panels for shoulders, buttoned and zipped fronts, studs and many others.

i. Cowhide leather vests for men and women. They are chosen not only by ordinary consumers, but many celebrities also wear them on a regular basis. It is common to see rock stars, riders and famous sportsmen in this kind of leather clothing. The basic reason why you need to make the same choice is the highest quality and durability. This leather material is the strongest one. There are different versatile looks to choose from. You should wear them over a matching top or shirt. Most of such vests come in dark shades, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find the colored ones.

ii. Munitions leather vests. The greatest benefit is that they are lined with high quality moleskin for added comfort. This style is inspired by the military vests popularized by the Air Force. They provide a rugged and comfy fit. You can simply differentiate them because of their long length. The leather used to manufacture this vest is soft and strong. Use it 4 front pockets to store all kinds of necessary items.

iii. Plain style leather vests. They offer an exclusive design, excellent quality, convenient fit and many interesting features. This famous Harley Davidson leather vest comes with a satin lining and laced sides. It is easy to adjust them according to your needs.

iv. Leather vests with a front zipper. They offer extra warmth because of this closure type and they are produced from premium and durable materials, such as soft milled cowhide. Pay attention to their snap that secures a front closure.

v. Urban leather vests for men. They are famous for their cut lines and styling features that include a hidden front zipper, snap closure, collar and trimmed armholes. There are both inside and outside pockets where wearers can leave their small possessions.