Yellow Motorcycle Jacket

The biker jacket designs for youth this season: What are the top 5 trends

Hundreds of outerwear models went down world’s famous catwalks recently. New collections of most famous brands contained a lot of various styles and cuts such as natural long coats, cropped jacket, hip length and knee length models but short leather jackets were really sensational. It is hard to imagine any new fall-winter fashion season without these practical basic things and it is hard to understand how men’s and women’s clothes’ creators manage to surprise their fans every year using the same popular things.

One of the most important reasons is that the customers create such a demand for biker jackets because of their universal cut and the ability to improve any figure visually. This is very important for teenagers who often have problems with their changing figures as well as for adult customers who want to remain young and active as long as it is possible and express this with the help of clothes. Anyway, the ‘teen spirit’ of activity, brutality, sexuality and some madness is an essential part of this winter’s fashion conception. So, if you are young and brave enough, you may choose one of five top popular biker jacket trends which are all the range now.

 • Minimalistic slim cut jacket

This piece is one of the basic elements in a teenager’s wardrobe. If you figure is slim and athletic you are allowed to choose models hardly covering the waistline. It is not a good advice for real bikers who need high level of cold protection but a pretty good hint for young fashionists. Having bought such a stylish thing as a classic black or a radiant yellow motorcycle jacket, you will surely become a star of your college or a central figure at a party. Team this edgy piece with trendy sweatshirts or monochrome brightly colored jerseys, indigo jeans or slim fit black trousers.

 • Hooded biker jacket

This item belongs to the category of things which can be recommended for persons up to twenty-five only. This type of a jacket is usually a little more voluminous than the minimalistic variant. An additional hood gives an opportunity of wearing the jacket with hooded sweaters and sweatshirts. It also looks well with textile biker friendly pants, chinos or jeans, denim and plaid shirts. Such a model creates a little bully image and looks especially cool on athletic guys.

 • Colored leather jackets

Brightly colored biker jackets are another pleasant surprise for young fashionists. Red, blue or yellow motorcycle jacket, which have become a hit of winter jacket fashion, may add brightness even to the dullest day. If you don’t like to attract views and prefer something more calm, pick an olive, tan or a grey model which will allow far more variants of matching. Colored jackets are well combined with monotone things of classic palette, black pants and a tee of similar tint or with garments of some contrast color.

 • Vintage and movie inspired biker jackets

It may seem strange but vintage models are highly popular for youth together with contemporary movie inspired and celebrity models. This season you won’t be mistaken to buy a copy of legendary Elvis biker jacket or a rock star inspired jacket like one of those worn by The Cribs, Oasis and The Beatles. Don’t forget that such expressive models demand careful matching of companion things and footwear.

 • Elite class biker jacket

Biker jackets made of suede were highly appreciated by young fashionists who are conscious enough about new fashion trends. Such garments demonstrate their belonging to winter group of outerwear and look extremely stylish and rich. Models for youth may be recognized by trendy fur decorations and fashionable slim cut.