Womens Motorcycle Gear

What biker gear are most popular with women bikers this season: The top 5 must have

Nowadays biker fashion captivated the world. Different biker gears are popular not only among women bikers, but also among women who want to make their style more interesting and stylish. Biker details in clothing and accessories make each look original and unusual. Every woman wants to create interesting looks and experiment with different styles of clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup. Everyone chooses different elements of biker style. Woman’s look can be very close to the biker style (biker pants, jackets, shoes) or may have some light details of biker style (biker kerchief, bracelet, gloves). We chose the top 5 must have in biker style - biker gear, which women bikers and women, who love womens motorcycle gear in looks, prefer this season.

Women's leather biker jacket is very fashionable and actual. These jackets are usually sewn with leather. Black is a classic and standard color. But this season's leather jackets in neon colors (orange, green, purple) are very popular among women bikers. Neon colors make bikers noticeable while riding a motorcycle. These jackets have double triangular collar or stand-collar, zipper-lock, slanted pockets on the side, hoods. Hood replaces hat or cap and can be a separate part of a jacket. Also women biker jackets can have a belt.

Leather shorts look very elegant and sexy. Also these shorts are very comfortable while riding a motorcycle. Shorts may have different lengths and colors. Black leather shorts are classic and suits to any configuration in the female biker style. An alternative to shorts is fashionable skinny jeans, which looks very stylish and original, and classic skinny leather pants.

Perhaps the leather skirt is not always convenient for a quick ride on the bike, but every woman biker should have this skirt in her wardrobe of fashionable biker. Designers offer different leather skirt of dark and light colors. An interesting type of skirt is a combination of different kinds of leather, suede, fabric, castles, straps and more.

An essential womens motorcycle gear is heavy leather shoes. These shoes can be short or long, with zipper or laces. Most fashionable biker women's shoes has side buckle and many metal decor - chains, rivets spikes. Boots usually have a low platform or low wide heels.

Metal massive decorations are the main trends. Wide necklace with many chains of different widths, metal balls, shapes silver and black fill all the fashion accessories collection. Wide leather bracelets with metal inserts in the form of various shapes, images, buttons are also very actual, fashionable and stylish. Fashion experts advise women not to wear a lot of metal jewelry if metal parts are placed on the shoes. If woman biker wears heavy metal jewelry, she should wear simple shoes. Gloves are important and necessary while riding a motorcycle. So many fashion designers have developed new models for bikers. Such models can have buttons, studs, locks, be cut off, have inserts of fabric and suede.

Every woman wants to look elegant, stylish and elegant, even if this woman is a biker. So when you choose clothes or shoes, do not forget that biker gear can add charm to the woman biker style. The first bikers were men, but later they were joined by many courageous and intelligent women who loved the speed and thrill. Every woman biker’s look is a mix of clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup. Every detail in biker style is important and necessary. Therefore, you should always complement the basic classic biker wardrobe by fun and fashionable biker details, which will make your style extraordinary and incredible. But do not forget that must haves of biker gear should be comfortable, practical and quality.