White Motorcycle Jacket

Stylish and safe: The top 5 new design and safety features of biker jacket

Today’s lovers of motor riding look something different comparatively with the founders of subculture. Their style now is not as rough and tough as several decades ago. Modern bikers value their comfort, safe and warmth most of all. Besides, after the pervasion of biker style into the sphere of high fashion, bikers have no choice but to follow modern fashion trends. All these features must be taken into account while choosing motorcycle garments one of the most demanded of which is a biker jacket.

There are five most important characteristics of a biker jacket which are so weighty for motor riders:

 • High quality material

Quality of the material means quite a lot when choosing a biker jacket. Only durable enough, resilient, flexible and breathable material can provide good protection from wind, rain, snow and hot. Today motor riders can choose one of numerous models made of new generation fabrics or leather. Jackets made of fabrics give better choice of colors – you can find red or metallic grey, neon green or snow white motorcycle jacket; they are also cheaper and more light weighing. At the same time, leather biker jackets provide better protection, serve for long and carry the unique spirit which is so appropriate to bikers’ style.

 • Armor protection

If you are really going to ride a bike in your new you must pay much attention to the protective features of your garment. While quality material is aimed to protect you from unfavorable weather conditions, special pads, which can be detached or sewn in, protect your body from damage during falls and hits. If you are going to use your jacket not only for riding, choose models with detached armor pads. Try to choose only branded leather biker garment which can provide high level of protection.

 • Good visibility

This is another essential feature of a good and protective biker jacket. Of course, classic black leather jackets are most wanted and expressive but they are good for daytime and good weather condition. If the weather is foggy, wet, or it is raining or snowing outside, making your silhouette visible for another drivers becomes a vital task. The same can be said about night driving.

Contemporary sporty style biker jackets which are made of quality fabrics carry out the task easily – they usually boast neon or reflective stripes and inserts which can be seen well from quite a long distance. Sometimes the entire thing is made of reflective textile but experts of riding consider them to be too annoying either for biker’s eyes or for the other drivers’ sight.

If we speak about leather jackets, they usually have contrast stripes and inserts or they can be colored brightly. A lot online shops will gladly offer you a bright red, canary or white motorcycle jacket which will provide good visibility. Besides, such colors are highly popular with lovers of leather garments.

 • Being trendy

As we have already mentioned, contemporary bikers wish for a trendy and brutal look, and look for biker jackets which can express their individuality. Brightly colored models are not the only trend this season. As to leather models, they got more slim cut and universal. Their decoration now is modest and elegant, so a biker can use his riding jacket for everyday wear and any other occasion. Fabric models are easy weighed, and boast sporty like decoration.

 • Smart cut

Today’s creators of riding equipment demonstrate the newest approach to biker clothes’ manufacturing. Except light weight of the jackets, thing but extremely warm multilayered insulation or new generation of armor protection, new biker jackets boast smart cut which are not so sloppy and baggy as old models but elegant and comfortable.

Having bought a garment featuring all these characteristics, you will purchase a great piece of biker equipment which will delight you for many years.