Red Motorcycle Jacket

What are the trendsetting design ideas of new range of biker jackets this season

You can do everything and go everywhere in a favorite of this season – a trendy biker jacket. Borrowed from men’s wardrobe a couple of decades ago, a biker jacket has already become the most popular piece of women’s fall-winter outerwear. Every new cool period, designers create some new trends of this mega popular thing. The slogan of this fashion winter could be ‘Go experiment’ because almost all kinds of mixing styles and colors are welcomed. This season you are allowed to choose a classic black jacket, a flashy red motorcycle jacket or a pastel green variant and combine them with flared skirts, knitted dresses, classic style trousers, jeans and any other pieces of your wardrobe. We can distinguish several trendsetting ideas which can picture the general conception of new range biker jacket perfectly well.

Mannish style

It is presented by models with traditionally mannish patterns and prints which can be observed in every new collection. They are models with checkered patterns, extremely popular quilted biker jackets and oversize models. Print or pattern may fully cover the thing but, if you want something more calm and universal, they can be placed only on sleeves. Military colors like khaki and navy blue also add some roughness and, at the same time, emphasize women’s femininity.

Fragile girls of teenage type are free to choose one of oversize square cut jackets which not at all spoil the look but make it even more womanish. Sporty models with stripes of contrast color and imitations of armor can also become a good basement for several trendy urban looks. They look great with skinny jeans, tight black trousers and biker style pants. To avoid the mannish look in general, choose for your trendy jackets more feminine bottoms like skinnies and mini or maxi skirts and dresses with your biker jacket if it is a little bit rough.

Experiments with colors

As it was already mentioned, prints are still trendy this season. Together with mannish prints, traditional floral and animalistic patterns are highly popular. You can pick a motorcycle jacket with black

(white) front and back with printed sleeves or a model with printed back and front and monochrome sleeves. While printed jackets need calm monochrome bottoms, great black-and-white combinations, which are also greatly demanded this winter, may provide much more matches.

The color palette of monochrome models is rich enough. Except traditional b&w and all tints of brown you will find in modern catalogues of outerwear clothes a lot of grey, khaki, olive models. For people who want to remain colorful no matter the season, there are many juicy tints like burgundy, berry, bottle green. In new collections there are a lot of colored shearlings which look very attractive. They are often decorated with short white faux fur on collar and sleeves. In spite of being bright enough, such models are quite easy to combine.

If you are an extravagant person loving attention choose a sapphire blue, lemon or red motorcycle jacket of simple and slim cut. In this case you will definitely be seen by the others. Besides, you will have a great chance of matching colors according to your taste and create unique winter looks. This season there are no limits for the number of colors which make your look so you may join a bright red jacket with printed black-and-white skinny pants or leggings, white hat and a scarf. By the way, striped black and white lining fabric is also very trendy and looks cool when you take your jacket off.