Motorcycle Riding Gear

The must have attributes for a good biker riding gear

A small number of people can call themselves true bikers. Biker style of life requires a love of speed, danger, extreme sports, travel. This lifestyle should be provided with high quality and comfortable clothing, footwear, accessories and other important details. Almost all parts of biker style are made of leather. The skin has the long-term of usage, provides protection from wind, cold, rain, mud. It is easy to wipe and clean skin. Biker lifestyle includes specific and original models of jackets, pants, shoes, handkerchief, caps, helmets, which are adapted to fast driving on a motorcycle. Some people only use certain parts of biker style in their looks to make it more interesting, original and stylish. If a person is a true biker, there exist the must have attributes for a good biker riding gear.

Boots-choppers attribute matks a true biker. High heavy boots are sewn with coarse, but quality leather, with metal decor as emblems, buckles, chains, rounded toe. These boots are true classics and are included in basic wardrobe of every biker. Women's biker boots usually have a platform or comfortable wide heels.

Leather jacket that combines elements of rock jackets and flight jackets is the most important part in the style of biker. This jacket is sewn from quality leather, has a lot of zippers, buttons, pockets, belt, dual triangular collar. Leather jacket perfectly suits to fast driving on a motorcycle, because the skin protects against cold, wind, rain and mud. Black jacket is such a classic, modern bikers experimenting with different colors and combinations.

Gloves are necessary for riding a motorcycle. It protects the hands from cold and friction. But it can also be interesting, original and stylish. Mittens biker can have holes, mild spikes, buttons, cut fingers, can be short or long.

Leather kerchief and cap are always a feature of biker style. If biker not wearing a helmet, then this is the kerchief that protects from the sun, wind, rain, mud, sweat while riding a motorcycle. This can also be kerchief made of high quality fabric.

Leather vests are also very popular among men and women bikers. They are comfortable and practical, bikers wear them in hot weather with a T-shirt or shirt. Biker T-shirts have various prints - rock bands, animals, skulls, shapes, logos biker clubs, famous brands, and more. Leather pants are perfect for this style. These pants are usually black and have a belt. However, different jeans also are a part of the biker's wardrobe.

Accessories of motorcycle riding gear are also very important for bikers. Accessories identify bikers among other subcultures and clubs. Bikers wear various metal and silver jewelry, chains, crosses, bracelets, earrings. Also bikers wear various interesting points. Buckles with the emblems of the belt is an interesting feature of the style bikers. Purses, bags, badges, scarves, badges, suspenders, keychains, bags, watches, lighters - every detail in style biker is a special and original.

Biker style of life requires certain necessary and motorcycle riding gear, because it affects the safety of driving fast on a motorcycle. Each biker has a classic basic wardrobe that includes high-quality clothing and shoes made of leather and fabric, useful accessories. There are certain parts of biker style, which are a kind of external attributes and have not practical benefit. But they are also extremely important for every man and woman among bikers, because these features identify them from other people and subcultures. It can be a variety of jewelry, chains, earrings, kerchief, gloves and so on. However, the main biker must haves should provide comfort and safety for every biker.