Motorcycle Apparel

The 5 brands that made a mark in biker apparels this season

Bikers are very meticulous and attentive to every detail of their style and look. Their life is connected with a constant risk, danger, speed, travel. Bikers always choose only quality and original clothes, shoes, accessories, performing functions and purposes. Usually biker apparels are made of genuine leather. Biker lifestyle is very special, interesting and unusual. Some bikers successfully combine work, family life and capture fast ride on motorcycles. In any event, fashion biker brands seeking to satisfy different tastes biker, requirements and needs. Biker brands not only offer direct details of biker style, but also clothes, shoes, motorcycle apparels, which are adapted to everyday life.

Belgian Dirk Bikkembergs brand offers its new collections with a lot of interesting clothes and accessories for bikers. The collection includes classic models, helmets, gloves that are sewn with sheep skin and purses and bags. These models are interesting for bikers and for people who want to add biker detail to the style.

Italian Dainese brand represents quality products for advanced bikers. Designers develop biker apparels style casual, making them comfortable to wear in everyday life. Mororcycle motifs are present in different clothes of the brand, especially in the style of vintage jackets.

Popular brand of clothing Alpinestars also adapts biker clothes to life in the metropolis, but the main characteristics and features of biker clothing remain unchanged. Designers targeted at young people, offering bright and original models to suit different tastes.

Interesting Fast & Fashion brand’s new collection are produced for classic bikers. These clothes are for bikers honor basic style and tradition. Each element in fashion collection of clothing and accessories will emphasize biker unique style and personality.

Karl Lagerfeld in collaboration with renowned studio created a collection of helmets for the ride. The designer has used in his work interesting fabrics, cashmere, crystals and more that never were combined with biker style. However, these helmets are very expensive. The brand Diesel has a more affordable options to purchase helmets.

Also prestigious fashion houses like Dsquared, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors launched collection of clothes that are stylized for preferences bikers. Budget fashion houses as Massimo Dutti, Zara, TopShop and its new collections have biker style elements, especially various biker leather jackets are present in the collections of new brands. Also you should pay attention to the collection of watches of famous brands, which can also be part of biker style for both men and women. If you are interested in classic brands that specialize only in motorcycle apparels, you need to pay attention to brands such as Harley Davidson, Xelement, Hot Leathers, AiiState Leather, Scully and view its new collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. These brands are world market leaders in motorcycle apparels for many years. You can find many online stores that specialize in selling biker attributes. You can view the novelty fashion collections on sites such shops.

Some brands specialize only on biker apparels, some produce separate lines and collection of biker apparels. Often firms unite production and sale of various apparels for bikers, rockers, metalheads, goths, hippies and other subcultures. Each biker style has a classical basis (jacket, pants, sweater, hat, kerchief, gloves, etc.), but this framework may vary in different parts, style, color, skin type or tissue. Brands can also offer an extremely diverse number of bags, glasses, badges, decorations for bikers. Offers of fashionable biker season will help you choose interesting, stylish, original biker clothing, attributes, decorations and add or update biker style.