Leather Motorcycle Jackets For Men

Biker jackets making bold statement this season: the top 5 brands

Biker jacket is a jacket made especially for bikers and keeping in view the comforts and sensitivity of the jackets. They must be designed is such a fashion that they don’t obstruct the proper handling of motor bikes. They must be made such that when some accidents occur they could protect the driver. Leather motorcycle jackets for men itself means safety and the style of a rider. So the style can’t be left along in the safety. Let us see some of the brands or the jackets that are in the market for the biker’s season.

Belstaff knockhill jacket

This jacket is a bit longer one which is required for providing a protective gear to the driver. This is made of thick black bull leather and until the half thigh long, which also provides the cool weather warmth for long range riders. This is also not only for protection but you can also find great detailing for the style. Waist belt is given for better fit and you can really buy it for your safety, comfort and no compromise with the style. Clearly you may look like Steve McQueen though you may not want to.


Levi’s are known for the style. And if you don’t want bells and zippers and all that irritating articles as accessories then you don’t need to go ahead of Levi’s. They provide basic biker look which is going to set in anywhere and the soft and supple 100% sheepskin leather motorcycle jackets for men will provide you the comfort which you will love while riding. The cuffs are zipped and snapped along with two zipped chest and hard warm pockets. These are perfect features that are required for the bikers.


Schott NYC Has completed a hundred years in the American market and really it has been fabulous where it matters for the leather motorcycle jackets for men. This Company is known for their rugged ones which are highly durable and lasts for several years even you have worn it roughly. If you are going to buy your first biker jacket then this is the best company whose products you can look for. Till now its perfectohave been very famous from the wild.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent’s leather motorcycle jackets for men have been very popular due to the style. They are a bit shorter with a belt at the bottom to make it a good fit. You have a slanting zipper and two or more zipped pockets. It is made up of very soft and durable sheep skin leather such that once bought it is going to last long. You can think the producers without brain, due to the high price and it going to be a stunner when you wear it.


This company brought out a jacket really attractive. Each part of the jacket is going to attract you madly. It has double buckled sleeves and off centered zippers. This is really going to make you style statement. They have a wonderful battered lambskin which looks beautiful on bikers’ body.

All the above stated brands ranks are relative and don’t have any connection with each other. Even you can find great designs and products in non-branded jackets. So just come out and try them in the market or on sites and get the jacket you love.