Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

What biker's accessories are must haves for this winter

Cold weather motorcycle gear

Bikers prefer leather materials from the beginning of their style’s history. There are a lot of reasons for this: it is highly protective, stretchy and hardwearing. Besides, this natural material corresponds to the sexual and brutal image of a biker. During several last seasons traditional biker’s image changed – it lost voluminous accessories, became more fitting and universal, got a sporty hint and sexy attractiveness. But being fashionable mustn’t make biker’s accessories lose their protective features especially during cold periods when icy wind penetrates your face and body. In winter season you need some special cold weather motorcycle gear which will give you extra protection from wind, cold, snow, rain and drops and bumps on the wet road. There are several must haves which will be especially topical this winter.

Warm biker jacket

This must have is a vital thing for a biker, especially in autumn-winter period. This season there is a great choice of classic and sporty leather biker jacket of traditional black and brown color. You can add some freshness to your winter look having purchased a dark green or grey biker jacket. New models are mostly decorated with inserts and contrast stripes. A lot of attention was paid by the creators of motorcycle garments to their convenience and warmth. Everybody knows that multilayered structure is the best choice for lovers of autumn-winter riding. That is why this season’s trendy winter jackets for bikers boast clever cut which provides free movement and single or double insulation layer which is usually detached. Such garments will keep your body warm much better than heavy and voluminous models with not removable insulation. Besides, new models look much more fitting and stylish.

Winter gloves

This is a very important accessory for a biker. Biker gloves must not only prevent the rider’s hands from cold wind and rushing snow but provide enough flexibility for hands and fingers and avoid slip hands. Natural leather is still the most popular material for biker gloves manufacturing. New models of cold weather motorcycle gear demonstrate the high level of biker garment creators’ thought. This season’s biker gloves boast thin but warm insulation layers, protective pads for fingers and palms, special ant slipping inserts. This accessory is surely a must have because you will hardly be able to deal with your bike on a cold highways without this necessary garment.

Motor rider boots

It is so important to keep your feet warm and it is so difficult to do it when riding a bike in a cold season. Quality leather boots with thick corrugated sole and fur or synthetic insulation inside will help you reach the highest level of comfort and protection. This season they demonstrate more designer approach than ever before so you can easily high a model which will be most appropriate to your own image and style.

Warm biker pants

Winter pants perform much more important and complicated functions than their summer analogues because they are aimed to provide the rider’s legs from cold, wet and damage simultaneously. Synthetic pants made of coated fabrics with warm insulation and protective pads are very popular this season. Except traditional blacks, you can purchase grey or metallic, brown, mustard, navy blue or red pants. If you want both fashionable look and protection use your pants with trendy leather chaps especially topical in wet weather.

A face mask or a full face helmet

It is better to have both accessories in your biker wardrobe. A mask can keep your face warm at the beginning of a cold season and a full face helmet is vitally important in wet or snowy weather. Even when it is closed the helmet allows enough breath air, protects you from cold wind, and provides enough view and warmth.

All cold weather motorcycle gear for winter motor riding is easy to order online without getting out of home.