Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The most essential attributes of a good motorcycle jacket: The expert's opinion

If motor riding is part of your life and motorcycle jacket is not only a piece of your wardrobe but a piece of your biker gear, choosing such a thing is quite a difficult and very important process. Picking a new jacket, you have to take into account several essential attributes which will make your purchase successful. Besides, contemporary bikers are far more style conscious then a couple of decades ago. Modern designer of biker gear offer their customers a great variety of models: fabric biker jackets of different colors, traditional black or brown leather motorcycle jacket, sporty like leather jacket with stripes and inserts, suede leather jacket and popular vintage models. The choice of a model depends on a biker’s fashion and style preferences. As to essential attributes, experts distinguish several important points:

1. Quality material

In spite of great number’s quality fabrics with high windproof and weatherproof characteristics, leather is still rating the first place among all biker gear materials due to its high level of protection in any season, great fitting, good wearing qualities and high abrasion. Buying a quality sporty riding jacket made of fabric or a classic black or brown leather motorcycle jacket, remember that a quality thing which will keep your body warm and well protected cannot be cheap. Choose only branded lots produced by well known manufacturers of biker gear.

2. Armor protection

New universal models usually feature detached armor protection pads for shoulders and elbows. These protective means are especially important for cold seasons’ riding which takes place under bad weather conditions when the highway is full of dangerous surprises. Having detached the armor, you can wear your biker jacket almost everywhere. Sewn in pads are good if you have got several jackets for different seasons.

3. Reflective sripes

Being visible in any part of the day and under any weather conditions is vitally important for a motor rider. Both fabric and leather biker jackets must have contrast and reflective inserts which are well seen under the headlights. Take this into account when choosing a new piece for your motor rider garments. Balancing between style and safety, give your preference to the most important quality.

4. Multilayered insulation

This point is very important when you are choosing a jacket for winter riding. The experts of biker gear prove that multilayered insulation keeps the warmth of your body much better than one thick layer or inside fur. If you want an all season jacket choose a model with detached insulation. A biker jacket for warm and hot periods must have special vents for good ventilation and uniform cooling.

5. Reliable fasteners

There is no need to explain why reliable fasteners are another essential attribute of a good biker jacket. Among all possible kinds of fasteners, zips are still popular both with creators of motorcycle garments and bikers themselves. Avoid functional plastic elements used for closure, use only patented metal zips.

Besides these most important points, a very important role is played by the size and length. Having chosen a bright bike jacket made of fabrics or a brown leather motorcycle jacket, don’t forget to try it in a riding position. If the cuffs reach your wrists and the back of a thing fully covers your own back it is definitely what you need. Choose a little bigger size for warm season’s models. Winter models with detached insulation lining shouldn’t be too oversized.