Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The latest in classic biker jackets. The best 5 biker jacket trends of this season

Jacket is one of the most universal pieces of clothes. It is worn by young and old, men and women, in winter and in summer. This season jacket is a central image of an entire fashion conception. The tendency to use natural materials has brought leather jacket to the top of their popularity and among all trendy leather garments classic biker jackets are most demanded this season. Now these spirited things are not only for bikers and their girlfriends – any fashionist or fashionista can wear it almost everywhere, either in the centre of metropolis or on a walk in the park. Classic black leather motorcycle jacket is definitely a must have this winter. There were a lot of biker jacket trends presented on catwalks this year and it would be very helpful to get acquainted with the most popular ones before making a fashionable purchase.

 • Trendy length and fit

This season cropped models are highly popular. Women’s edgy look is now associated with both slim fit and oversize models which are great for slim and fragile figures. Men’s biker jackets, in their turn, are more fitting than ever before. Slim cut doesn’t mean being too tight – designers paid a lot attention to comfort and smart construction of new models provides free movement without being voluminous.

 • Fashionable color palette

Of course, designers couldn’t deal without their black and white favorites. In new collections we can observe a lot of models demonstrating combinations of black front and back with white sleeves or vice versa. Men’s biker jackets boast contrast white, red, yellow or brown stripes on front and sleeves. As to monochrome models, they include, except classical natural leather tints, bottle green, dark grey and wine colors adding some brightness to the cold and dull season.

 • Combinations of textures

This winter popular most popular models are made of leather combined with textile or another kind of leather. You can also observe perforated or printed inserts, fur elements on unusual places (for example, fur epaulettes), modest embroidery, a few rhinestones and some simple metal elements of decoration. Quilted texture is all the range so you won’t be mistaken if you purchase a quilted black leather motorcycle jacket or a colored variant with quilted inserts.

 • Trendy mix of styles

Mix of styles is especially welcomed this cold season but great choice may create difficulties of matching on. Classic black leather motorcycle jacket gives the greatest abilities. Combination of it with jeans still has a right to exist but there are a lot of trendier companions for it. Women can wear cropped black biker jacket with flared and petal skirts made of lace and jersey, heavy maxi dresses and skirts, knitted dresses of mid length. Very interesting look may be created by matching a black asymmetric jacket with office style garments. Men may combine biker jackets with colored tight pants or clacks made of wool, natural or faux suede. Biker friendly pants with specific inserts are also a popular trend and combine well with the same style of a jacket.

 • Extravagant models

Fashion is a mass phenomenon but there are always some per cent of style conscious persons who want to stand out of the crowd. Being extravagant this season means wearing retro style biker jackets, especially movie or celebrity inspired, vintage square cut models made of dyed grey leather and minimalistic jacket without any decoration except the only functional zip.