Black Biker Jacket Women

Top 5 trends in ladies biker jackets this season

Most significant trends of this winter’s ladies fashion were successfully prognosed by fashion analytics yet in spring. It is based on contrast, expensive natural materials, mix of styles and feminine silhouettes. An undeniable favorite of the new cool season is a black biker jacket women that implemented its triumphal procession on all famous catwalks. There are quite a lot of characteristics which make this trendy piece of outerwear so much attractive for world known designers and fans of their production: it is spirited an expressive, universal and very comfortable. Having such an item in your winter wardrobe you will be able to change your looks as often as you wish. Before you start hunting for your ideal garment it will be useful to get enlightened about the most popular biker jacket trends for ladies. They are:

 • Minimalistic biker jacket

An extremely simple asymmetric biker jacket with almost no decoration presents a challenge for fashionistas. It needs smart match on to avoid sloppy and rustic look. This winter you can create some fresh unusual looks by matching it with office style trousers and pencil skirts, white shirt like blouses and ties. As to casual variants, they may be built on a black biker jacket women combined with a designer’s printed sweatshirt and trendy jeans. Don’t forget to complete this glossy look with a large scarf.

 • Colored biker jacket

Trendy colors will add some brightness to a modest winter palette. Of course it doesn’t mean that your look based on a ladies’ biker jacket may remind a rainbow. Buying a navy blue, olive or wine colored biker jacket will be a great idea. Bright enough but not flashy colors won’t decrease your jacket’s combinability. Not to overload your look, avoid voluminous detail, expressive accessories and brightly colored ‘companions’. Monochrome simple turtlenecks and trousers, knitted dresses with patterns of similar color will make a perfect match on.

 • Oversize ladies’ biker jacket

Oversize black biker jacket women are great for slim and fragile women of teenage type. A little sloppy leather jacket will emphasize the advantages of such a figure. Having dwelt your choice on such a model, you must take into account that a balanced look allows only one voluminous element. That is why it is better to combine oversize jackets with tight dresses and trousers, jeans or biker style pants. Cropped models may be matched with slim fit simple tops or turtlenecks and woolen maxi skirts. ‘Big’ motorcycle jacket is not the best choice for shapy women with outstanding shoulders and breasts.

 • Quilted or printed biker jacket

Quilted structure of leather and textile outerwear has already become a must have of a cold season. The same can be said about prints. Quilted models with contrast sleeves and smooth black leather jackets with printed elements bring some freshness and brightness. These variants are for girls who don’t like dullness and want to be bright no matter the season. Just as colored jackets, quilted and printed models demand simple monochrome companions.

 • Ladylike biker jackets

Ladylike look of biker jackets originally belonging to men’s wardrobe can be distinguished by feminine decorations like basques, epaulettes, rhinestones. These models will look perfect when combined with knitted dresses, lacy flared skirts and woolen petal skirts, tight jeans or monochrome trousers. Trendy ladylike black biker jacket women demand feminine tops like shirts and blouses, sweatshirts with rhinestones or glamorous prints.

As we see, the great offer created by modern designers and popular manufacturers provide style conscious ladies with all possible styles of trendy jacket.