Biker Jacket Women

How classic biker jacket changed for women this season

Biker jacket were first seen in the 1920’s and 30’s when they were made of brown goatskin having tight waist feet and were very high strength which were meant more for protection rather than just a simple fashion trend. When talking about the earlier designs they were mainly derived from the world war soldier jackets as they were also designed for protection. Later on the goat skin were replaced by tough horse hide and reason again being the same but the degree was highly raised.

Nowadays we mainly see the traditional brown color replaced by black, and they are made thicker than any other jackets .They generally include thickened elbow, waist and shoulder as these are the positions mostly affected by any type of accidents may occur with the rider .

Women as a Biker

In earlier days bike riding were considered to be very tough jobs and women were always kept away from this. But with the bike companies working for women and launching new bikes for the ladies it lead to very huge upsurge in the women bike rider’s community .In the last decades women have been seen riding very high class and powerful bikes and even bullets .

The choices in material

Women have always been fond of variety in colors, designs and pricing. Since the leather jackets are traditionally very promising as they work as a second skin so, this time also they are quite in trend but with really new and trendy or urban look. You have option of both retro and modern look. But to compensate the demerit of not being waterproof the designers have brought new materials that are waterproof, reinforced and in security comparable to leather .So women are not going to be disappointed this year in terms of material.

The choice of Color

There were days when biker jackets were of only one color, black. These were such popular that biker jacket means black jacket. Today if you go in the market you can see many biker’s jackets in such colors you may not have imagined. They are red, they are black, they are white and they are multi-colored.

The choice in Style

A biker jacket women is not only looked for protection but the comfort, the environment and the ventilation is important. And from all these the looks, the style can’t be left alone .This season you’re going to have real choices in style too. You will have options like cruiser, trendy, modern or vintage. All these depends upon the buyer completely. Like you love bike racing and you know that many events don’t allow the new jackets using synthetic material.

The choice for protection

The biker jacket women is available in the market in choices with protection also. Frankly speaking, what would happen, if you are riding a high speed bike and commits an accident. Are the traditional suits having zipped jackets and padded pants enough for your protection? No, they may get detached and could not protect you. So to overcome this situation the designers have come out with one piece suits which are going to protect you completely from top to bottom in one piece without and problem .

The Choices in price

Many would say that biker jacket women are highly expensive .But I would say that they are durable too and if you are opting for a big name then obviously you are going to get the satisfaction and comfort while riding with it.