Big And Tall Motorcycle Jackets

How to shop for a plus size biker jacket: the things you should pay attention to

If you are a big guy on a bike there is no need to tell you about problems connected with choosing appropriate garments. Several decades ago it was extremely hard to solve. Not finding big sizes in the shops of ready made biker equipment, lovers of motor riding had to order their biker jackets from tailors. Now numerous shops, salons and online selling stores offer their clients a wide range of sizes, from kid and teenage ones to plus sizes for big and tall. There are several important things that should be kept in mind while buying big and tall motorcycle jackets:

 • The purpose of wearing

This is the thing you have to define clearly before making a purchase. If you really are going to get a good leather jacket for motor riding under different weather conditions, you need to choose the items with thickness of the material no less than 1mm. It is better to pick cowhide leather models. If the future purchase is aimed for everyday wear or going out you may choose some thinner material.

Beside quality, you also have to take into account the combinability of a model. Try to imagine how you will match the thing with the other pieces of your riding or everyday wardrobe. If the looks are going to be successful, this will speak in favor of making a purchase.

 • The correct size and cut

Choosing big and tall motorcycle jackets doesn’t mean buying baggy and sloppy things. Smart cut of contemporary customized models provides flattering convenient fit and, at the same time, great comfort of movements which is very important for motor riding. To choose the correct size, use a special table of sizes and pay attention to the length of the thing and its sleeves. The jacket must cover your back and arms when you are in riding position. Don’t forget about the comfortable and not too tight fit of the cuffs which have to provide free movements of your hands while riding, so it would be helpful to make all necessary measurements before you go online shopping. If you are going to shop in a real time mode, trying the jacket on will be the best way to see all its advantages or disadvantages.

If your figure is problematic choose straight cut elongated models which can correct any figure visually.

 • High level of protection

Just as standard biker jackets, big and tall motorcycle jackets demand high protection level. Of course, thick leather will avoid wet, snow, rain or hot sun rays but riding a bike often means such unpleasant things as falls, slipping on the ground, crash and other surprises of that kind. To protect your arms and body a jacket must be equipped with special armor presented by several pads. The more parts of the garment are padded, the better protection you will get. Some big and tall jackets feature detached pads and this makes them more universal things. Speaking about cold protections, it is necessary to mention that multi-layered insulation will keep the warmth of your body better than any other type of lining.

 • Quality finish

Not every customer thinks about this feature of a biker jacket when goes shopping for a new thing but sometimes quality of a zip may be vitally important. Just imagine what may happen when a rider’s jacket closure sharply loses on a busy highway. Besides, big guys’ jacket finish usually gets worn very quickly so don’t be too much shy to ask the manager about the quality of zips, buttons and other kinds of fasteners if you want to make a good investment.

Taking into account the most important features of a good big and tall biker jacket you will surely be able to choose a real thing which will serve you faithfully for long years.