Pleated Leather Skirt

What to buy this Fall /winter from the new skirt collection

In as much as we’d like to celebrate the end of the year with no hassle, there will always be something that needs to be done because the season signals that its time to buy something new. Just like the latest pleated leather skirt from the new skirt collection for fall/winter. When you’re dazed and confused on what to look for, have no worries, as we’ll help you find the most stylish ones. Here’s what we’ve picked straight from the catwalk.

Sport detailed

A finely detailed figure-hugging beige pencil skirt with bright pink zippers on the side gives out a sporty vibe like no other. Match this with a midriff sleeveless top in nude colour and show off your gorgeous body. The sophisticated designs on sportif fashion are irresistible in leather skirts.

Detached look

A two toned skirt in ivory and any bright colour brings out a feminine touch any way you wear it. Add more details with black zippers in front or any side of the skirt to make it look like it’s detachable.

Into kaleidoscope

Long overlapping flowing skirt that opens at the frontwith patched fabric of lively psychedelic prints bares your legs and colourful vibe. Fishnet fabrics, laces and sheers are just among the many things you can incorporate in a leather-trimmed skirt.

Asymmetric appeal

The unequal cuts on short draped skirts make it an edgy outfit to wear with your metallic off-shoulders and half sleeveless tube blouse.


Zipped up skirts with peplum features look gorgeous in monochromatic blends of white and black.

Loosen up

An airy silhouette in beige, brown and olive green skirt gives you that all-out comfort. It can come up with built in wrap around sash to hold it closer to your waist.

All jazzed up

Taking inspirations from denim jeans, the latest style in skirts comes with rivets, zips, pockets and all the fine details of a denim outfit. Denim inspired leather skirts are jazzed up with coloured gems, rhinestones, sequins and beads for that unique character.

Go with the flow

A full-lengthtrumpet skirt can flow perfectly with the right sheer fabric and horizontally placed leather alternating in between. The shade of mint green, baby blue and pink salmon look dainty with this very feminine style.

Highly reinforced

Constructed shapes in various shades make up a tough structure of artistically patched skirts. This will give an illusion of slender figure at every angle. Your choices of colours are endless and you can play with the boldest shades to the most muted varieties with just the right amount of black in every portion.

Ballooning fashion

The puffy styled skirts that resemble the bottom of adorable bubble dresses bring in a youthful spirit in any outfit This elegant style will look ultra stylish with glittering sleeveless tops and long sleeve body-hugging polyester blouses.


The sweet appeal of a pleated leather skirt is something you’d want to wear over and over. This style is best worn with tucked in blouses with high necklines. A collared blouse is an ideal match for this as well as the latest sheer with mixes of fabrics. Pleats are rendered beautifully in all directions with an influence on asymmetrical designs as well as the horizontal ones. There is in fact a sway on the swinging ‘60s with fringes attached to the hems of a sheer fabric.