Motorcycle Saddlebags

The top 5 motorcycle saddlebags of this season- The popular brands

Motorcycle saddlebags are among the accessories, without which it can not be any real biker. Any person need to carry bags with various necessities. Bikers put special demands on motorcycle saddlebags. These bags should be made only with high quality materials. Bags should be strong and have secure attachment to the motorcycle, which is very important during fast driving. Bag should also securely store things that they cannot be lost during fast motion of motorcycle. These motorcycle saddlebags must be in the same style as the biker and his or her motorcycle. The most popular brands that produce motorcycle saddlebags for bikers, are such as Willie&Max, Harley Davidson, Saddlemen, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Brands represent wide range of interesting and quality motorcycle saddlebags this season. The most actual are small bags that are made of high quality hard leather. Most motorcycle saddlebags have different decor - metal buttons, locks, fringe, straps, logos, additional mini pockets. Brand Saddlemen presents severely refined and stylish bags for bikers. These bags have different interesting shapes, stylish accommodation decor, original straps and pockets. Also this brand offers leather saddlebags with embroidered prints, such as the red dragon. Brand Harley Davidson is a classic for every biker. Motorcycle saddlebags from this brand are sewn on all the classical laws - black leather, metallic silver decoration, straps, leather laces. Also bags of this brand have special side straps, which can accommodate biker thermos or water bottle. However, this season you can choose saddlebags without any decorations. This bag is sewn with the usual smooth skin, has internal locks and can have biker emblem, which is eliminated in the skin, but not a separate element (Willie&Max, Suzuki). Saddlebags can have various forms. The most actual are oblique rectangle shape and cylindrical shape. These forms of saddlebags are the most convenient for mounting on a motorcycle. Brand Honda and Suzuki present bags for bikers in the form of a small suitcase or case. They are very spacious and big inside. Although the appearance of motorcycle saddlebags is pretty standard - a lot of metal buttons, lanyards, pens. Some models have worn skin color. So far, the most popular are dual saddlebags, which are connected with a wide and sturdy leather belt. According biker puts things in their department saddlebags, located on both sides of the motorcycle.

The most popular are black saddlebags, but you can also pay attention to the brown, green, beige and gray colors (Willie&Max, Saddlemen, Yamaha, Suzuki). Classic American dual saddlebags with large buttons, fringe, two or three straps and other metal decor can be found among product brands Willie&Max, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki.

Big motorcycle saddlebags are usually adapted to store tools. Models of such bags are also very interesting and delicious, they perfectly complement the style of biker and his or her motorcycle (Willie&Max, Harley Davidson, Suzuki). These bags have many pockets inside and outside, many small and large offices, many straps and snaps.

Modern manufacturers of accessories for bikers produce incredible range. Designers have developed many new and exciting motorcycle saddlebags in classic and modern styles this season. Designers add decorative elements, some elements are taken away, add new pieces of functionality (additional pockets, compartments, pockets, which can be removed). Each biker can find exactly the saddlebag, which is suitable for him or her and motorcycle. You can find saddlebag of all sizes, colors, with different decor and functional parts in the new collections of famous brands of motorcycle accessories this season.