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How the biker saddlebag evolved this season- The 5 new trend changes

Biker saddlebags have come a long way to gain the vintage reputation they have now. Started as a necessity, biker saddlebags are now more than just bags; they have become a biker style quotient and possessions to pride upon. Biking still has the craze it had years ago when people had just started to realise the fun and adventure behind it. A good biker is not just made up biking qualities and a bike, a good biker is also passionate and has taste and knowledge of all things related to biking from gears to style features to both and more. Saddlebags are among one of those things that every hardcore biker must have in possession. Over the years there have been various changes in biker saddlebags, features have been added, styles have been launched but no matter what the classic in biker saddlebags is still the most hip. Most probably, the coolest of biker saddlebags come in leather. Sure you do have your options ranging from fibre glass saddlebags, PU leather saddlebags, and synthetic saddle bags to pannier but when it comes to projecting the true biker passion and style, nothing tops leather saddlebags. Today we will be talking about what new trend changes have been introduced into the saddle bags world and what kind of saddlebag you need to get for this season.

The 5 new trend changes in biker saddle bags today and what you need to be buying:

 • Studded saddlebags: Studded saddlebags were quite hip some decades ago but got lost in fashion space between the years, however recently they have made a comeback and now studded saddlebags are very hip to have. The hard mount saddlebags which were rarely studded are also getting this new look on them and besides old school throw over saddle bags with studs are a visual delight already. The pannier saddlebags also come in studs and you have the colour option of genuine leather colour like black, brown and gray. You can get studded saddlebag for your biker if your bike also has studs or if you want a transformational biker look this season. All the major bike brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki etc have come up with this style of saddlebags.

 • Large storage saddlebags: We should not forget that saddlebags actually are meant to carry things, so if that is what you actually use it for and have been feeling that the saddle bags have really little space, complain no more. One of the new trends in saddlebags this season is having oversize saddlebags with large storage space. The box styled pannier saddlebags are really hip and also have large storage.

 • Slanted saddlebags: These were also retro but now they are the new cool in saddlebags. They give out a great style sense of the biker and as well make it easier for riding due to their slant and position of placing. Slanted saddlebags in leather are a biking delight.

 • The detachable motorcycle saddlebags: Like the name suggests these saddlebags are easily detachable and you can carry them off with for safety reasons or to sue it as a personal bag. These are as hip as they can get and as convent as they can be. Get the detachable genuine leather saddlebags this season to get exhibit the true biker in you.

 • Buckled saddlebags: usual buckled saddlebags are not new, this new trend of buckled leather saddlebags has bigger than usual buckles and buckles with studs to enhance the rough biker look.

Get your choice of biker saddlebags for this season and style up the biker in you.