Hard Saddlebags

The most popular of saddlebags for this season- The types of saddlebags which bikers prefered

Bikers is a specific subculture that has a particular style of clothing, music, lifestyle. Each item of biker clothing has a specific meaning and feature. Bag is an integral element of style to any person. But there is an extremely wide range of bags that are different depend on purpose, size, color, material. Bags of bikers are also specific and special. Bikers use saddlebags. These bags are conveniently attached to the motorcycle. Biker can accommodate all the necessary things in departments of such bags. Also saddlebags are not opened at fast ride. These bags are usually sewn of genuine hard leather or combination of leather and fabric. Systems of fastening to motorcycle usually are supplied to the saddlebag.

There are several types of saddlebags, which bikers prefer this season. Small saddlebags with one branch, one or two straps, buttons and studs are always popular and fashionable. These saddlebags are very comfortable and compact. They contain only the most necessary. These saddlebags may have different designs, but usually have black color and are made of genuine hard leather, as they are called hard saddlebags. These bags can take various forms, such trapeze or cylindrical. Also saddlebags may have very small size. These bags are designed for keys, mobile phones, knives and other small things.

Large saddlebags with many branches, handles, locks and straps are suitable for moving of large quantities of things. These saddlebags also have many convenient side pockets and front decor as buttons and studs. These bags have a handle-attachment to the bike and carry handle bags. These bags can be made of leather or fabric of black or gray colors. Large saddlebags have different number and size of units. Attaching to the motorcycle also varies - wide or narrow, long or short, with different number of holes. Some saddlebags combine large and small saddlebags. They are stitched together by straps. Many saddlebags are double, ie there are two bags that are stitched together and are placed on either side of the motorcycle. Bikers often use large saddlebags for storage and transportation of various tools for motorcycle. Also designers offer saddlebags as travel bags that resemble for long biker travels.

Rectangular and saddlebags with two long straps are also very popular and fashionable this season. They allow you to place long compact and delicate items, such as documents. Spit saddlebags are also very actual this season. They are very comfortable for obtaining the necessary things, even while driving a motorbike.

Fans of gourmet classics can choose saddlebags without any decoration. These saddlebags are made from classic smooth black leather. Typically, these bags are eliminated in the leather and internal latch emblem.

This season is rich with bright, interesting and original models of hard saddlebags for bikers and their bikes. They are specific and suitable only for bikers. The saddlebags have to be chosen depending on the characteristics of the motorcycle and needs, tastes, interests of biker. Also designers offer different models of male and female biker saddlebags. Prices on saddlebags depend on the quality of the material, size and brand. Brands Willie&Max, Harley Davidson, Saddlemen, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki offer affordable, interesting, modern or classic models of motorcycle saddlebags. Leather saddlebags are durable in using, no crack, easy to wipe dust and dirt. Before buying you should review current and actual models of saddlebags, which will be your reliable and convenient tool in motorbike trip.