Bike Saddle Bags

Motorcycle accessories a biker cannot do without- The must have ones

Bikers is a very special and extraordinary subculture. They have their own outlook on life, work, activities, leisure and culture. Fast riding a motorcycle is an integral part of their lives. Bikers have distinct style of clothing, shoes, accessories, because of their lifestyle. There are constant trappings of every biker - leather jacket, leather pants or jeans, boots with heavy soles, helmets, kerchief, gloves, sunglasses, handbags, shirts, logos and many others. These attributes are divided into basic and additional. Biker accessories are optional in the overall look and style biker, but they are also very essential and integral.

First of all, biker saddlebags are mandatory for every biker. The features of this bag is its attachment to the bike. Biker saddlebags may have different size. Small saddlebags are designed for small things - keys, mobile phones, small tools. Large saddlebags are designed to store large items, especially instruments to a motorcycle, which are necessary in the way. Double saddlebags are the most popular. They have a wide strip joints and is located on a motorcycle. Thus, such saddlebag is placed on each side of the motorcycle. These bags can be sewn in classic and modern styles. Biker saddlebags may have a different decor - strap, silver metal buttons, fringe, locks, various pockets, some of which can be unfasten. Thermos or water bottle can be kept on the side of bags with additional straps. Also these bags can have various forms, depending on the motorcycle, biker preferences and needs (rectangular, cylindrical, oblique rectangle and many others).

Gloves are also constant and necessary attribute for every biker. This accessory can have whole or cropped fingers, can be sew with cloth or soft leather. Colors of gloves may be different - black, brown, purple, green, blue. Gloves with embroidery and prints are very fashionable and actual. Some gloves combine leather, suede, fabric, soft and hard parts.

Most bikers prefer accessories such as balaclava, tube, facemask, bandanna. These things are necessary especially during fast motion of motorcycle, they protect against wind, cold, sun, dust and dirt. Balaclava, tube, facemask, bandanna are usually sewn from fabric and have different colored prints (fire, skulls, spiders, animal motifs, shapes).

Glasses are also necessary to preserve the clarity of motion during fast motorcycle riding. Sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, rain, cold. Biker has the ability to closely monitor the road while driving. The choice of special glasses is very large. They can have red, green, blue, purple, black frame.

Professional locks for motorcycle are always actual for biker. Such security and defense not let the robbers steal a motorcycle in the parking lot. Also bikers like to wear different logos in the form of skulls, skeletons, wings and more. These labels are attached on a belt or bag of biker. Belt of biker is very important. Besides emblems, special belts may have small bags containing the most important and valuable things. Watches of bikers are also special. Most bikers wear a watch chain. Watch on hand for bikers have a wide leather strap with a metal decor, dial can have images, many arrows. Also bikers have special flasks, knives, lighters, ties, badges for clothing, flags with symbols.

Every detail in the general style o biker is important, interesting and special. Every biker is individuality, everyone among bikers has own tastes, requirements and needs. The current market offers a wide variety of details and accessories for the biker look. Everyone chooses his or her biker must have accessories without which biker lifestyle is impossible.