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Exclusive leather jackets by exclusive brands: what's the top 5 for this season

Whenever it comes to clothing, leather jackets always have been a favorite of many people. This is because of the way in which a good leather jacket can transform one’s look and polish one’s overall appeal. This season, many of the top brands have brought forward a mesmerizing collection of jackets with utmost appeal and attraction. These exclusive brands have surely produced one of the best jackets in the world and continue to do so this season. There are various types of leather jackets available and in various colors. So if you are one of the most enthusiastic fans of exclusive leather jackets, then do not miss the opportunity to see the best collection of jackets this season. Following is a look at the top 5 exclusive leather jackets this season by exclusive leather brands.

 •  Gucci padded leather jacket

Gucci is literally the top brand in the world which is famous for producing the most amazing and expensive clothes in the world. In this regard, the jackets produced by Gucci are also quite famous all over the world. This season, Gucci launched a masterpiece in the form of its padded leather jacket. This jacket is available in black color in padded leather and gives a quite attractive look. The jacket comprises of dark blue nylon lining which gives a very good appearance with the brown color of the jacket. It comprises of a zip at the front for its closure and has “Gucci” embossed at its back. Frankly speaking, this jacket is surely one of the best jackets available this season.

 •  Porsche men’s leather jacket

If you have previously worn any Porsche jacket before, you would surely be a fan of it by now. This is due to the style commitment which a Porsche jacket brings along with it. This season, Porsche men’s leather jacket has already won the hearts of many people due to its amazingly unique look. The jacket comes with a double coating, one at the inner side and one at the outer. Both of them comprise of a zip closure. The jacket also features a fur collar which can be easily detached. This jacket is available in black color and features a large Porsche logo as well. So, if you are one of the most enthusiastic jacket lovers out there, you must try a Porsche jacket this season.

 •  Versace leather jacket with studs

This jacket is a delight for all the people looking for a “rock” appeal. This jacket features small metal pieces studded at the boundaries. This trim fitted jacket is available in black color and comprises of a front diagonal zip. There are also pockets at the front to keep one’s hands warm. The jacket is best for those who wish to have a cool look.

 •  Armani Blouson laser cut jacket

Armani is one of those few brands that have always brought innovative fashion trends to the market. This is the reason why this season Armani’s Blouson laser cut jacket is quite famous. This jacket comes with a neat design and comprises of a block-design made at the front of the jacket. The jacket is available in black color and gives a shiny appearance.

 •  Harvey Davidson men’s traditional leather jacket

This is a plain jacket available in black color. The jacket comes with two zipped pockets at the front and a front zip closure as well. The overall look of this jacket is quite intriguing and deserves one’s special attention.