Ducati Jacket

The latest safety features of ducati jackets: Why it’s a must have for bikers this season

Ducati offers one of the most stylish and admirable jacket whenever it comes to style. In fact, their jackets are worn all over the world due to their unique and appealing look. However, the most astonishing part about Ducati is the jackets launched by them for the safety of bikers. Yes, the latest jackets by Ducati not only offer you style and attraction, they also provide you safety from a number of hazards which are likely to occur. In fact, Ducati safety jackets are said to reduce a bikers injuries by up to 90 percent in case of any accident. However, do you know regarding the features of these jackets which provide you such high protection? Well, if not, then let us have a deep look at some of the best features offered by Ducati jacket in terms of safety and protection.

Jackets come with built-in airbags

Ducati has successfully launched some of the best airbag jackets in the world. These jackets come with a layer of gas inside them which comprises of carbon-di-oxide. Whenever there is a harmful incident or the biker is in any kind of danger, this layer immediately fills up to provide you with an airbag which will prevent you from getting injuries. In fact, there will be a number of airbags launched which will then prevent you from directly colliding with the surface of the earth and will minimize your injuries. The best part about these jackets is that the airbags open in just a few milliseconds, which means that you will already be safe before you even know it.

Ducati jackets use wireless technology for protection

Ducati jacket does not simply come with a number of airbags fitted in it, but these jackets comprise of a proper system which helps in detecting any harmful incidents and acting accordingly. There are a couple of sensors fitted in the jacket. These sensors continuously take readings from the surroundings including the weather conditions, pressure of air, temperature etc. Using these readings the jacket decides when there is need for the airbags. So, this means that now you do not need to worry since the airbags will pop out themselves. Moreover, the most intriguing and unique part about these jackets is that they operate using the wireless technology. Yes, the sensors inside the jacket make use of wireless technology to receive and transmit signals and provide you with the utmost protection.

Ducati jackets come with pads fitted in them

Many of the jackets by Ducati also come with a number of pads fitted in them to protect the crucial points of one’s body including the ribs, neck, arms and shoulders. These pads are made of a thick material which is inserted in various parts of the jacket. So if one falls from the bike or has any accident, these pads will provide your crucial parts from getting injuries.

Moreover, these pads are also used for the purpose of protecting you against the harsh weather conditions. This means that you now do not need to worry about biking in heavy rain since these pads will protect your body from the rain. Furthermore, you will also get a good amount of protection if the air flow is quite fast.