Wolverine Jacket

Leather jackets for hollywood this season: What made a style statement

This season in the center of the fashion universe there are trendy leather jackets, which have brought a new zest to the style of many Hollywood stars, helping to create a staggering look. What leather jackets are especially trendy and what main features make them powering in leather garments world?

Leather jackets for Hollywood this season:

Dark Angel leather jacket worn by Jessica Alba

It is not a secret that each woman is a cat in the soul and her cat woman behavior is often shown thanks to beautiful pieces of clothes. It especially may be represented in dark angel style, which was underlined by Jessica Alba in the aforementioned movie. Stylish cropped black leather jacket, combined with leather pants overkilled a lot of snappy dressers and still stays popular among young girls. Its simple design and classic lines make the jacket elegant but the look hot and sexy, because it underlines the figure of the wearer. Today each girl dreams of this type of clothing and tends to have it in the wardrobe. It is a nice choice to conquer the males’ hearts.

Wolverine jacket

Not just females but also males bring some cute notes to the widespread style. What may be more popular than a shabby brown leather coat, worn in the movie “X-Men”. Its main characteristics are related to vintage look, adorned by stripes over the arms and at the bottom of the jacket. The jacket has a snap collar and two zipped pockets. Its shape is called to underline the figure of the wearer and make the look more seductive and mesmerizing. Wolvering jacket may be worn in team with leather pants or a pair of jeans.

Freezer leather jacket

Urban and classy style is shown within the look of Dylan Mc Dermott, who worn a voguish black leather jacket, tailored of patent fabric, in the movie “Freezer”. The sexy and extravagant look of the handsome actor has become quickly adorable by the followers. The main features of this trendy jacket are flapped pockets on the chest and on the waist. The epaulettes, which are extra fashionable this season, are accurately placed on the shoulders of the jacket and create a special combination of decorations in team with other essentials. The jacket is both zipped and buttoned at the same time. It may be worn as a classic and sporty thing. In the movie it is demonstrated the mix of styles, when the jacket is worn over the hooded sweater. These accents make the look liberated and timeless and help the wearer to be individual in his own fashion style.

Ghosts of girlfriends past movie jacket, worn by Matthew McConaughey

Another jacket, which made the style statement, is Mathew McConaughey’s. He is a real seducer, whose figure is successfully underlined, when wearing this cool jacket. Brown shade, classic silhouette and elegant elements made his appearance hypnotizing and it opened wide abilities before the fans to feel the influence of such types of jackets. Bomber style, which is super trendy this season have also come to us thanks to the jacket. A stand up collar with the snap on it and one snap on the waist band are harmoniously combined within the jacket. Two pockets on the chest and unusual shoulders design make the trend especially popular nowadays.

Of course it is not the whole list of the most voguish leather jackets, creating a style statement, but these ones are especially stylish.