Will Smith Jacket

Stylish & elegant: The leather jackets trends made popular by Wills Smith: The top 5

Will Smith is surely among those few people who have brought many elegant and stylish trends in front of us. This is because of the unique look which these jackets possess and the amazing overall appearance which they have. So if you are one of those people who are simply mad about the clothes which Will smith wears, then we understand you. In fact, this is the best place for you in this regard to get all the required information. The versatility of Will Smith cannot be challenged since he has brought a number of stylish jackets into the fashion industry. In this regard, let us have a deep look at the top 5 leather jacket trends made famous by Will Smith due to his amazing and unique jackets which he wore.

 •  Wills Smith “I Robot” jacket

This amazing Will Smith jacket was worn by Wills Smith in the movie “Del Spooner”. This jacket is made from pure leather and comprises of a very soft surface. The jacket is made in a rough look and is available in black color. The jacket gives a very tough look to one’s personality and is quite famous among teenagers. There is a zipped pocket at the front of the jacket and round, thick buttons for closing the jacket. This jacket has surely made the trend of black leather jackets with buttons quite famous over the years. You will still see many such leather jackets in the market today which are inspired from this unique look.

 •  Wills Smits “I am Legend” leather jacket

This is another famous leather jacket, made from high-quality synthetic leather. The jacket is available in a unique dark brown color and takes away the breath of many people at the first sight. The jacket comprises of viscose lining with a belted style collar. The jacket comprises of two flap chest pockets as well as two pockets inside the jacket. The jacket gives a quite casual appearance and one could find a number of jackets today which have been inspired from the original style of this jacket.

 • MC TOYS 1/6 Trailmaster Jacket Leather

This fancy leather jacket comes with a number of pockets as well as buttons for the closure of jacket. This Will Smith jacket is a very stylish jacket in black color which has won the hearts of a lot of people out there.

 •  Hancock Will Smith leather jacket

This is an amazing superhero jacket worn by Wills Smith in the famous movie “Hancock”. The jacket comprises of a mixture of fabric and leather at the front to form a formidable design. There is silver lining at the front as well which enlightens its overall style as well. The jacket is available in tight fitting and is best for all the superhero fans out there. In fact, this jacket is surely the best example of a stylish and fashionable jacket.

 •  Will Smith Bad boys 2 jacket

How can one miss the glamorous jacket worn by Will Smith in the movie “Bad Boys 2”? This jacket features a casual appearance with shirt-like collars. This jacket is best for all those people who are looking forward to having a causal and cool look. If you are a fan of Will Smith, you must possess one of these elegant jackets.