Tron Jacket

Fantasy Sci-Fi Movies inspired leather coustumes: the best 5 of this season

This season on the catwalks we can see many models of leather jackets, which are tailored of soft skin or rough material, and these types of leather are enough spread and adorable by snappy dressers. Each wearer chooses its own style. But especially trendy are the movie leather articles, such as jackets, which have become popular thanks to different films. The fans of fantasy sci-fi movies prefer to shake their style with the ones, being attracted by famous actors and actresses.

The best five science fiction and fantasy movie jackets of this season are:

Dark Knight leather jacket by Christian Bale

If you like the mix of several colours within one thing, there is a great amount of jackets, in which you are able to choose your own. This option is the best – black-and-red shades of the classic model. The dark knight jacket is mega popular among the bikers, because its design makes the thing comfortable and enchanting. The mix of highlighted red collar, cuffs and pockets is relevant on the jacket. Sporty look was created thanks to the red highlighting. The actor wore the jacket over the tee and his hero Bruce Wayne looked classy.

Mad max jacket

For those ones, who like vintage things there is a cool jacket, worn by Mel Gibson in the movie “Mad Max”. What may be more voguish nowadays? The fact is that this type of jackets is much popular in currant fashion globe. Black classic colour, flight design, classy wide epaulettes on the shoulders and studs on the collar make this grunge thing hypnotizing and casual, spread not only among the fans of the actor, but all over the world. This type of jackets has become omnipresent in rural and urban fashion theme. Females and males like biker notes in their style, which adds some temptation to the diverse look. Such a jacket is a nice article you to become a slapper, wearing it.

Tron jacket

To be a well dressed person, there is an opportunity to underline the model, which has come to use from the movie “Tron Legacy”. This shabby brown jacket is the best option for wearing it as a casual thing, which doesn’t need to be accompanied with any other essentials, such as scarves or something else, for instance. The actor Garrett Hedlund made the look simple and charming, notwithstanding he wore it over the hooded tee. A pair of shabby jeans, as it was demonstrated in team with the jacket in the film, is the best variant for the daywear look. Tron jacket has no any patchwork decorations, but its simplicity and retro design overkill the audience.

X-Men Wolverine leather jacket

Going on the topic about the combination of two colours, it is appropriate to say about the X-Men 2 jacket from the popular American film. Two tones of brown create a successful mix. The light brown stripes round the biceps make the jacket full of mystery. The stand up collar is trendy this season, so this type of clothing is worthy to be chosen.

Minority report jacket by Tom Cruz

This handsome actor presented us a really mesmerizing look. Each seducer dreams of such jacket in his closet. The simplicity and elegance are represented within the model. Tom Cruz made the accents on the black tone, teaming the jacket with light loose pants. The look is sexy thanks to the black tee underneath the jacket. This collarless thing is appropriative both for enjoying riding a bike and wearing it at office. Today the designers recommend putting on such jackets over the shirts with a tie. Why not?