Tom Cruise Leather Jacket

Tom Cruise and his trendsetter movie jackets: the top 5

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular Hollywood actors. He is 51, but he looks15-20 years younger, besides he is single now.

Tom Cruise is a perfect blend of elegance, beauty and style. Tom prefers casual style, has a passion to Racing and motorcycles which brought leather jackets to his wardrobe. Moreover he is supposed to be the trendsetter of a leather jacket nowadays.

At different periods in the look of Tom Cruise there were unbuttoned shirts and turtlenecks, three-piece suits and double-breasted jackets, striped suits and jeans. Now his style is the repetition of the past, but much better.

Let us recall Tom Cruise' most vivid looks.

Mission Impossible Leather Jacket

Hollywood star Tom Cruise, appear in a lot of films in leather jackets. In the third part of the movie Mission Impossible he is in a leather biker jacket which gets the 1st place in our top.

Ghost Protocol Jacket

For the fashion designers, it was a great a challenge to come up with an outfit that could matches with a heroic character of Tom Cruise. In the Mission Impossible ghost Protocol he wore an elongated jacket with a hood. The wrinkled leather used to craft this magnificent piece is extremely rich, soft and smooth, and with the very first touch you can feel its premium quality! This Tom Cruise leather jacket takes the 2nd place in his top 5 movie looks.

Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket

Tom Cruise gave a second life a little forgotten pilots' jackets of World War II, talenty playing in a dynamic fighter Tony Scott's "Top Gun" (Top Gun) released in 1986. Exactly the prototype of model COCKPIT B-3 Hooded Jacket of Army Air Force Type B-3 (called by people "pilot") were on Tom Cruise and General Chuck Yeager. "When the film "Top Gun "was released, model G-1 and others like these military leather jacket gained worldwide popularity. These are jackets made of cotton and nylon, and also all kinds of modification of the G1 flight jacket, which was produced in the era of the Korean and Vietnam wars. After this actor' work the jacket with stripes have become incredibly popular. This is the 3rd place of the top.

Jack Reacher's Jacket

Simplicity is meant to remain at the position of the topper. To make this happen Tom Cruise’ reprising the role as Jack Reacher, carried a brilliant leather jacket that amazed the worldwide audiences. On the official debut picture of movie "Jack Reacher" actor flaunts a brown leather jacket against the background of a city streets. This simple but at the same time elegant Tom Cruise leather jacket gets the 4th place of the top.

Eternal classic leather jacket

It's difficult to say for sure exactly when Tom began to wear a shirt with the top buttons unfastened under the suit, another thing - leather jackets: they settled in the actor's wardrobe after two "Missions Impossible" and since that time remained there. The image of a rock star is not for everyone, but a clever approach to this style is capable of providing a men the very rebellious charm, which at all times was getting mad fans. For this clever approach Tom Cruise classic black leather jacket gets the 5th place in our top 5.