The Crow Jacket

Iconic Movie Leather clothing of yesteryears still in fashion: The all time top 5

Leather clothing, that is leather jacket, is a timeless piece of fashion attire. The extreme popularity of leather jacket is due to the fact that it is durable and comfortable. A leather jacket can last you a life time. It gives you comfort during cold weather and is extremely stylish. Leather jacket is a smart garment. So no matter what you wear with it, you will definitely look smart and stylish. The popularity of leather jackets have much to do with movies. Actors in movies have been seen to wear leather jackets matching the personality they play in the movies. This led people demand those movie jackets to display a similar look and attitude the as character played in the movie.

Most of the iconic movie characters are overpowered with confidence and take the nag to play with danger. These movie characters require clothes to portray such image and personality. No other clothing item is as stylish and rugged than a leather jacket. Among the many iconic movies in which leather jacket has been a prominent element of style, the top 5 iconic movies of yesteryears that still continues to capture the heart of millions are discussed below.

 • The Wild One: Hollywood actor Marlon Brando plays the character of Johnny is this iconic movie of the 50s. Brando in the movie is the leader of a motorcycle gang and is an outlaw. He wears a white T-shirt, stylish jeans and a black leather jacket. His outfit portrays the image of a rebel and a tough guy. Almost everyone is in love with this jacket ever since.

 • Top Gun: Actor Tom Cruise was seen wearing a classic brown aviator leather jacket in the movie Top Gun released in 1986. This leather jacket had large pockets and a fur collar. The most attractive feature of this jacket was that it had patches all over it. It was the iconic style of the 80s and everyone was seen attracted to garments with patches, paints and other embellishments.

 • The Rocketeer: In the movie ‘The Rocketeer’ released in 1991, actor Billy Campbell plays the role of Cliff Secord, who is a stunt pilot fighting the Nazis for revenge. His iconic cognac leather jacket with a chest pocket was a master piece and had to go on mass production due to the demand. This jacket is still admired by many people of this generation.

 • Fight Club: Released in 1999, the movie Fight Club is still remembered for the unique character of Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt and the red leather jacket he wore. The movie as an action packed psychological thriller portraying a strong, tough and confidence personality of Tyler Durden which was best reflected by his unique leather jacket. This leather jacket had oversized retro lapels and suited the character very well.

 • The Crow: The black leather coat worn by Eric Draven, popularly known as ‘the crow jacket’ was a real eye grabber. This black leather coat has lapel collar with unique button closure. The crow jacket has open cuffs, pockets on the sides and inside as well. The most appealing feature of this jacket is the length which creates the attention.

Leather jackets say a lot about a character, sometimes even more than dialogues. A good quality leather jacket is a must in everyone’. A leather jacket is iconic and will remain in fashion for a very long time.