Swordfish Jacket

Wear your icons style: 5 Most popular movie inspired jackets of this season

Leather should be your priority in the list of apparels this season. Leather jacket fashion never gets obsolete. Leather jacket is an all rounder for the fact that it is appropriate to be worn in any occasion. Leather jackets are desired by both men and women as they make them look glamorous and stylish. Movie celebrities are definitely trendsetters. Celebrities wearing a leather jacket in a movie induce fans to follow them. People look up to celebrities to learn about the latest fashion trend. The top 5 most popular movie inspired leather jackets are discussed below.

 • Max Payne Leather Jacket: This legendary black leather jacket of longer thigh lenghth, worn by Matt Demon in the movie, looks good with anyone and definitely steals the show. This jacket is made up of pure sheepskin thus making it extremely soft and comfortable. It has vertical chest pocket and notched lapel collar with button detail. It also has horizontal side pockets. This jacket looks good with jeans or khakis.

 • X-Men Days of Future Past Wolverine Jacket: Actor Hugh Jackman wore this stunning brown biker leather jacket in the movie. The design pattern of this jacket is unique. The design of the pockets is also different. It has a round neck button collar. This jacket looks great with a simple T-shirt and jeans, portraying a classic look. This jacket is made up of genuine leather making it very durable.

 • Tom Cruise War of the Worlds Leather Jacket: Actor Tom Cruise played the character of Ray who fights aliens in this blockbuster film. This is a biker style jacket with tab collar and has an open zip in front. There are two zip pockets near the waist and one pocket on the chest. Its cuffs are also zipped. The jacket has red and white stripes on the sleeves giving it a unique style. This jacket is made up of high quality cowhide leather making it very comfortable and soft.

 • Kill Bill Leather Jacket: This unique and stylish yellow biker leather jacket was worn by Uma Thurman. Wearing this jacket will definitely make you different from the crowd, mostly because of its daring yellow colour. The jacket has an adjustable waist belt to keep it fit. It has a banded collar and zippers on the sleeves. The sleeves also have black and yellow stripes making it more appealing. There are stickers on front of the jacket, a prominent style of original biker jackets. This jacket is durable and extremely stylish.

 • The Swordfish Jacket: This black leather biker jacket was worn by Hugh Jackman in the movie. This swordfish jacket is made up of genuine cowhide leather making it soft and comfortable. It has snap tab collar and front zip closure. It has straight hem cuffs, diagonal waist zip pockets and two chest pockets. It has inner viscose lining making it more comfortable to wear. The rugged look of the swordfish jacket is extremely appealing and so has been a popular choice for leather jacket lovers.

A good quality leather jacket can be owned for years without worrying about being unfashionable. Leather jackets make you stand out from the pact and thus make a style statement. Apart from being a style element, leather jacket is a great outfit for protection and comfort as well.