Smallville Jacket

The most popular celebrity jacket of this season: the top 5

Nowadays leather flight and bomber jackets are especially in mode. We are offered traditional black, red, brown, sand or other tones of leather clothing. Leather jackets are universal both for everyday style and wearing them for special occasions. They may be worn in team with denim things and leather garments. Each wearer decorates the jacket in his/her own way, wearing such accessories as scarves, gloves or caps in team with the jacket.

Celebrity jackets also dictate the rules in the world of leather clothing. We may watch the most fashionable articles on the movie actors and actresses or singers. Let us think of which ones are the trendiest?

Smallville jacket

To be a superman is not a dream. The desire may come true with the help of clothing, which was worn in the movie “Smallville”. Fashionmongers advice to wear such types of jackets, combining them with tees and strict pants or a pair of skinny jeans. The smallville jacket makes the look elegant and lots of Tom Wellings’ fans adore this thing as the daywear. The temptation is in the letter S, which is placed, as a symbol, on the chest. It means the first letter of the word “Superman”. The cherry colour and classic shape are classy for those ones who prefer choosing exclusive things with simple design.

Matthew McConaughey black leather jacket in “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” movie

The number two fashion clothing hit is this stylish leather thing with no other extra details, but just a simple classic silhouette, looked sexy on the seductive actor. He looked graceful, when was wearing the black jacket over the tee. The jacket is still trendy thanks to its ability to suit any other articles of clothing. Minimalism and pricey look at the same time are the best options of this decision.

Selena Gomez Save the Day jacket

This is a cool thing for young girls to be worn during spending romantic time with friends. Cropped length of the jacket allows underlining the figure. In the clip the singer wore it in team with denim shorts and black sneakers. Such bold look attracts girlish and awesome silhouette, making all Selena’s followers to copy this style. Why not? The jacket looks especially trendy if it is worn over a white tee. No extraordinary zippers, just studs decorate the collar. The accent is concentrated on the waist length.

Christina Aguilera’s black leather jacket in the clip “Feel this moment”

Rock the show with the look like Christina Aguilera had in the video, singing with Pitbull together. Her stunning look was attained thanks to the flight leather jacket with zipped cuffs and pockets, cool collar, decorated with snaps. Sexy skinny pants, high heels and wavy hairstyle made her looking posh and glamour. Each fashionista dreams of this extravagant look. Just try and you’ll enjoy and feel this moment of being an eye-catcher.

Seventeen again jacket by Zac Efron

This classy Zac Efron jacket is the modern leather thing, which is adorable by the followers of the young actor. Unusual combination of the white tee and a tie underneath appropriates to the liberated look of a young guy, who always has free emotions and prefers wearing trendy but comfortable garments. Such jacket with two breast pockets and no other accessories on it is a noteworthy thing for the traditional classic look.

So, fashion abounds a great amount of voguish leather jackets. We are offered the best ones to create an enchanting look. All aforementioned celebrity jackets are the mainstream things for current fashion tendencies.