Skyfall Jacket

The style statement of Daniel Craig: The top 5 jackets

If you watched the movie Skyfall of James Bond series then you surely saw the look of Daniel Craig as James bond. He wore a superb outfit in this movie and different style of James bond. Skyfall is one of his famous movies. In this movie he wore a different type stylist outfit. If you are a James bond fan then you must love to wear this jacket. If you are jacket lover then you also love to wear this jacket. Mr James bond is also love to wear this jacket. There are different types of skyfall jacket but the top 5 jackets are as follow.

Skyfall jacket : Harbour beacon heritage wax

Its a worn by James bond in skyfall movie. Its seal out in every Barbour store when the trailer of the skyfall released. The high demand of jackets is always high among the youngsters. If you love to follow jackets then this Is the one of the stylist jacket for you. In the posters of the skyfall you can see the James bond with his jacket. Its gives you a perfect gentleman look.

Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket

This jacket is also worn by the Daniel Craig. You can see this jacket on the poster of Bond on set: Fliming Skyjacke It is also one of the famous jacket of James bonds. The trend of jacket is also famous among the youngsters. This jacket made from wax. It's only available in olive colour. It is one of the Beacon Heritage collections. The demand of the jacket is higher but the production is low so all jackets sold out immediately. It gives you a stylist and attractive look.

Levi's Vintage Clothing 1930s Leather Jacket

If you saw movie skyfall then you definitely attracted towards this jacket. James bond wore this jacket. It gives you a rugged look. It is made from sheepskin. The features of this jacket are folded collar, zip up front, a vented back and belted cuffs. The jacket is brown but it is also available in black. Its made by leather and high quality of fabric. The vintage line on the jacket gives a jacket shiny look.

Army PTI Training Jacket

In the movie skyfall Danial Craig wore this jacket. You can see this jacket in the trailer of skyfall. This jacket specially made for British army. You can get same jacket from ordering in the website of this jacket. Its made for army physical training corps. It design gives you casual look among the peoples.

Billy Reid peacoat

Bully Reid only produced 20 peacoat for skyfall movie. When the movie released this peacoat is also popular from the movie. The trend of pea coats came from this movie. If you want James bond look then this peacoat gives you that. It gives you a perfact look in normal days. Even Denial Craig ordered one jacket for himself. So you can concede the popularity of this peacoat.

Many James bond movie famous but skyfall is different all among them. Denial Craig as a James bond appeared smart and stylist in the movie screens. The above all skyfall jacket is popular among the fans of James bond. The different styles of Denial Craig gives you an idea about the style if the jacket.