Shia Labeouf Jacket


A season for leather

As the cold and chill continued to bite, the leather clothing world was experiencing something different that shaped its land scape.The Hollywood celebs were at it again, dictating the trends in leather clothing starting from purses, to pants and even the Shia Labeouf jacket Below is just a short list of who dictated what trend and in which way.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is a big and established brand. The same way Stallone elevated this jacket to celebrity height when he was acting as Rock Bilbao in one of the Hollywood classic movies of all times, he maintained the same trend this season. The rocky jacket is one of the few celebrity outwears that are associated with and punctuated by clout, confidence, composure and a flair of sophistication for all the lovers of leather fashion jackets. Besides, the jacket is also a pen and piece of paper to write an indelible statement of fashion the same way the Shia Labeouf jacket has done!

Hillary Duff

This young American actress and singer was another socialite who made numerous inspirations that shaped leather jacket trends this season. Hillary was spotted in a leather jacket paired with black jeans while she was visiting her friends performing at Rockwood New York City Club in the city of New York. She was also “caught” in an enviable red spiked leather jacket during her interview on one of America’s popular talk shows.

Kate Hudson

This multi-gifted super Hollywood actress featured among the numerous female stars who inspired many fashion lovers in the leather jacket fashion. Kate has been “caught” donning black biker’s leather jacket. She was also spotted donning a trendy leather jacket during her friend’s birthday party Hollywood.

Bella Thorne

She may be a teeny, and many may call her that. However when it comes to fashion trends Bella is of age. The teenage actress joined her older counterparts in teaching the masses how to mix pleated and floral dresses with sleek leather jackets.

Paris Hilton

The all-time famous actress stamped her authority on the leather clothing this season. She was spotted in spicy and juicy leather jacket during the New York fashion week. On another remarkable occasion she was “caught” in New York City wearing a gorgeous black leather jacket.

Eric Dane

He too was instrumental in making sure that the illustrious bomber jacket continues to retain its place of popularity, the same way the Shia Labeouf jacket had its fair share this season.

James Dean

An upcoming and talented actor whose love for leather fashion was evident this season. This season he is among the Hollywood celebs who somehow caught the black motorcycle leather jackets fever! This popular leather jacket plays in the same league of fame with level of class the Shia Labeouf jacket.

Humphrey Bogart

He is an America movie icon, legend and veteran. The seasoned actor played a significant role in dictating the trends in leather clothing this season in a manner that was remarkable and outstanding. This season he was caught donning a fur-collared bomber jacket.

These celebs are just a few of the Holly wood celebs who dictated and shaped leather clothing this season, not just in the US but the larger world in general. Every one of them had their fair share of dictating and promoting leather clothing trends this season.