Resident Evil Jacket

Comic series inspired jackets-The 5 most popular of this season

Comics are the mode of entertainment which includes amalgamation of text, images and visual information. The speech balloons, captions, narration etc. forms an integral part of textual tools. Comic strips, editorial and gag cartoons, and comic books are most common types of comics. It had a drastic positive change when graphic novels, comics’ albums, and tankobon have become popular in 20th century. With increase in technology, the online web comics are grasping the craze of the comic lovers in 21st century. Now one has access to every comic he or she has fondness for. With a click of one button they are available anywhere and anytime. Thus, the demand and liking for comics have set up a growing industry in today’s era.

most popular of this season are:

Resident Evil Jacket

The bold manifestation of the jacket worn by the central character of Resident Evil 6, Leon.S.Kennedy is competing equally in the race of latest vogue. The black leather resident evil jacket having shirt like collar with two flap pockets in front, two in waist accompanied by zip pockets on each side and two inside pockets with zip fastening snap tab cuffs gives it a hardy and valorous look. It can be worn by men on all casual to semi-formal gatherings. The series have some amazing stuff that is still a trendsetter for many upcoming superhero movies.

Ghost-rider Jacket

The jacket worn by Ghost rider of comic series Ghost rider is an ultimate playwear jacket. The cross zip pockets in the front with one open cross zip accompanied by a belt on the waistline to adjust, two inner pockets and spiked shoulder pads makes it more funky and hottest fashion for all. When the skeletal superhuman The Ghost rider used to ride a bike with wheels, skull and hands on flame to teach a lesson to all who were bad and were engaged in wrong doings cause the real curiosity and thrill. It could be picked for all casual occasions. The sense of boldness it brings with it is commendable. The designers work is so skilful on this jacket.

A real American Hero Jacket

The attire worn by cover girl before joining G.I Joe in a real American hero comic series is another exotic jacket. The brown colour jacket is designed for women with red symbol on left jacket looks pretty cool with its unusual appearance which is a beautiful casual wear for ladies all around which would complement their beauty in every way.

Captain America Jacket

Marvel comic trends are the all-time favourite and much followed. The attire carried by Captain America comic series is still the best casual wear jacket. The black jacket having white sleeves, red stripes on cuff and neck and waistline, star symbol on the left and slant hand pockets on both the sides add to the elegance of the jacket. The outer garment is best that one can have in their wardrobe this season. The warmth giving stuff of the jacket completes the outfit that can be paired up with many other types of apparel according to one’s preference and need.

X Men Wolverine Jacket

Another vogue for the season is from the comic series X men wolverine eorn by Logan. They are the coolest casual wear giving the feel of a hero like the comic book. The jacket has durability and longevity which promises a long term companionship to the wearer. It is the excellent outerwear that one can have in these winters to survive the cold winds as the jacket has extraordinary insulating properties which keep you warm and cosy.


The comic characters will stay in vogue until and unless the comic lunatics are there. The attires and outwears of the comics will remain the pick of every season providing the wearer smart appearance. These garments can be when worn with a pair of denims or trousers gives a dignified and handsome look. Beholders won’t be able to halt themselves from giving you that second breadth stopping glance when you walks by making you the heart throb for the season.