Resident Evil 6 Jacket

Video games and leather clothing trends of this winter collection: The 5 most popular game jackets

Videogames are the best pass time for many youngsters and a source of taking fashion tips. The accessories and apparels in them are noteworthy and most of the time eye catching. It has been observed that it is not only movies but videogames, from where fashionable trends creeps into the youths mind and soon become famous. Many a times the jackets worn by all heroes have good appeal on market. With the rise in the demand of these jackets it could be easily realised that how much impact these games are creating on the habits of today’s youth. Not only in terms of their behaviour but also what they prefer to waer. We can term it as mania of many popular games, and it is continuously rising, both in malls as well as the online sites. Are you still confused

If you are still confused which attire to choose, we have made a list of 5 hottest, popular and most fashionable gaming apparels of the season for you. The list is surely going to help you take a final decision.

Resident Evil 6 jacket

The videogame jam packed with all action offers heart stirring outwear inspired by character Leon S. Kennedy in the movie. The leather apparel having shirt like collar with front pockets which are two flapped along with two pockets attached in waist accompanied by zip pockets on each side and two inside pockets with zip fastening snap tab cuffs is increasing its marketability. Resident Evil 6 jacket is one of the impressive casual wear of the winters.

Prototype jacket

The leather jacket worn by Alex Mercer in videogame Prototype does have extraordinary desire in the field of apparels for winters. The amazing hooded leather playwear jackets with a zipper closure in front have a red embroided red dragon at the back which enhances the manifestation of this attire. It is available in black colour with two white stripes on sleeves.

Infamous Jacket

The sleeveless jacket worn by protagonist Delsin Rowe in PlayStation series Infamous: Second Son is yet a new trendsetter. The casual wear can be carried easily by any one of any age. The eagle on the back of the jacket is a real eye catcher giving a jacket overall playwear look.

Assassin’s Creed III jacket

The hoodie jacket inspired by Conner Kenway in videogame Assassin’s Creed III comes in all sizes. This cotton jacket with zip closure is definitely the vogue of the season. The casual wear in marvellous in all sense which can give you a doughtiness yet bold feeling.

Cole's jacket

Another modish outwear is protagonist Cole McGrath biker courier jacket in Infamous 2. The signature jacket is black in colour with yellow pads on arms; back and front accompanied by yellow stripes on both arms and front make it more elegant. The Latin phrase ad Astra per aspera on the chest gloves it an eye catching appearance. It is a cool casual wear giving the wearer a funky look.


The love for jackets is never ending. The bold looks of the jackets leaves a great impact on spectators when wearer walks by. These jackets are favourites of all age groups. The classy and sporty feel one gets is really extraordinary.