Marlon Brando Leather Jacket

Hollywood's Top 5 choices for biker jacket: Who made the top

Jackets that became iconic in movies: from Marlon Brando to Nicolas Cage .

A leather jacket is considered to be the cult clothing for men, it is like a business card, emphasizes the personal features of one's character. Almost every popular Hollywood movie, the plot of which is connected with the adventures contains the protagonists necessarily dressed in leather jackets. And it is not surprising. After all, natural leather clothes has unique properties and qualities. Let us remind Marlon Brando leather jacket, or Tom Cruise'. Leather looks gorgeous and is an essential part of every Hollywood actor.

Gorgeous leather jacket in military style looks great on Harrison Ford in Steven Spielberg's "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - one of Indiana Jones series. The film is set in the distant 1957, but the pattern of cross-linked coat made of thick buffalo leather remains relevant at the present day.

Beloved, popular actor John Travolta looks chic, wearing a black jacket with a large high collar in Luc Besson' criminal thriller "From Paris with Love." The protagonist dreams of a life full of adventure of a secret agent. To save the world with the help of strong fists and accurate shots that's what he wants most. Brutal fleet of leather, slightly tapering looks perfect on John's body.

Leather blouse, better known as a leather jacket, was invented in 1928 for military pilots, but it gained worldwide popularity after Marlon Brando starred in it in "The wild one" a bad guy. It has become indispensable for bikers since that time. In almost 9/10th of his movies, he is wearing a simple black jacket and he makes it look insanely cool. He proved once again that it's notabout whatyou wear; most of the time, it's howyou wear it. Through the last 60 years since The Wild One, there are a lot of other examples of iconic leather jacket worn in famous movies: James Dean in "Rebel withe's a cause" (1955), Jimmy Stewart "Night Passage" (1957), The Fonz character from the television series "Happy days" (1974-1984), The Terminator and The Matrix films, Brad Pitt in "Fight club" (1999) and many others. But Marlon Brando leather jacket still remains the most vivid one.

Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves a lasting impression and a remarkable acting in a unique picture "Terminator 2", where he acts as a cyborg. Particularly impressive, he looks on the Harley in black leather jacket taken from aggressive, drunk biker. In a tough cop thriller "The Return of the Hero" Arnold wears a police sheriff jacket (model "policy"). Convenient free cut sewn from quality materials, functional, perhaps, is the best clothes for this character.

Leather motorcyclist black jacket on Nikolas Cage in the movie "Ghost Rider" looks just perfect. In this entertaining horror movie a leather biker jacket protects him from fire and water.

A remarkable example of rocker leather jackets can be seen on Tom Lee Jones in a thrilling action movie "Under Siege" with Steven Seagal in the main role. The jacket is decorated with a variety of metal rivets and perfectly complements the look of a sinister terrorist disguised as a rock musician.

Classic American pilot jacket looks nice on Braydon Fraser in Rob Cohen's adventurous "The Mummy 3" or "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" filmed in 2008. The film tells of the fantastic adventures of a married couple that fights the evil world. And perfectly matched leather garments help them.

This is only a small part of the well-known movies where famous directors dress their characters in leather jackets. The conclusion suggests itself - such clothing for men is simply irreplaceable and always current. Leather jackets are fashionable and stylish at all times!