Mad Max Jacket

Mel Gibson: the leather clothing icon of hollywood- the top jackets

Mel Gibson is a well-known Hollywood star who is famous for doing a number of amazing movies. The versatility in his roles in various movies is simply admirable and appreciated by many. Some of best movies in which Mel Gibson appeared include Brave Heart, Mad max, Lethal weapon, the beaver and many more. However, he is also referred to as the leather clothing icon of Hollywood due to the stylish and glamorous clothes which he wore and which gave him a splendid look. The jackets worn by Mil Gibson in various movies have won the hearts of many people and continue to do so. In fact, many of the jackets available today are inspired from the jackets worn by Mel Gibson in many movies. Let us have a look at some of these top jackets.

Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 4 leather jacket

This black leather jacket is definitely a delight for many people. The jacket is made from pure leather and features a plain, simple style. However, the thick, white lining on one side of the jacket simply gives it an astonishing look. In fact, this jacket is best for all the people who wish to have a decent jacket which is trendy as well. The front pockets have been incorporated into the jacket to allow you to easily slide your hands inside them whenever you want to. The ban-style collar and front zip for closure augments the overall appeal of the jacket. So if you are looking forward to augment your appeal and look more attractive, this jacket is the best choice for you.

Mad Max jacket

It cannot be argued that Mad Max is one of the best movies done by Mel Gibson. His amazingly unique and sophisticated style in this movie won the hearts of loads of people. In this regard, the Mad Max jacket was a major contributor in nourishing the overall appeal of the actor. The black leather jacket comes with a diagonal style front zip closure. The jacket comprises of two collars at the front, both in the style of shirt collars. The most intriguing part about the Mad Max jacket is its studded shoulder caps which immediately attract one attention. The overall look of the jacket is quite sophisticated and is a delight for fashion lovers.

Mel Gibson Brave heart vintage style jacket

So if you are one of those people who are looking for vintage jackets worn by Mel Gibson, you are surely at the right plane my friend. This is a vintage style jacket which was worn by Mel Gibson in the movie “Brave Heart”. The jacket features a simple appearance in black color and is made from thick leather. The collar of the jacket is made from fabric and comprises of thin lining on the top. There are metal buttons at the front of the jacket which are used for its closure. There two front pockets surely add to the elegance of the jacket. The best part about this masterpiece is that “Brave heart” is embedded at the front of the jacket in white color. Could one imagine a better vintage style jacket than this one? This is the reason why Mel Gibson is considered to be the leather clothing icon of Hollywood. So hurry up and get one of these jackets before you miss out this golden opportunity.