Lethal Weapon Jacket

The vintage celebrity jackets which are still trendsetters: the 5 most popular

There is no other garment that highlights or expresses one’s personality than a leather jacket.

Leather jacket has been on fashion for ages and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Leather jackets have always been popular on-screen and this has contributed a lot in creating its demand off-screen as well. Celebrities set the trend and the fans follow it. Every now and then celebrity jackets become the latest fashion. However, some classic celebrity jackets are still on fashion today. The lists of five most popular vintage celebrity jackets that have been a trendsetter are given below.

 • Lethal weapon jacket worn by Mel Gibson as Martin Riggs in the movie ‘Lethal Weapon 4’ has been a trendsetter. It has a snap tab collar and a full front zipper closure. The signature white stripes from the shoulders to the cuffs look very stylish and glamorous. It has double buckle feature at the sides of waist for giving it a better fit. The inner viscose lining of the lethal weapon jacket makes it very comfortable.

 • The Terminator 2 jacket worn Arnold Schwarzenegger in the blockbuster movie ‘Terminator 2’ is still remembered for its macho and touch look. This black fitted biker jacket has asymmetric front zip, three frontal zip pockets, and wide lapel collar. With zip up sleeves and adjustable buckle on the waist gives the jacket a different style. Shoulder epaulettes, numerous zippers, and pockets portray a strong masculine attitude admired by many people.

 • Fight Club jacket is very famous for the block buster movie ‘Fight Club’. This red coloured biker style button up jacket worn by Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden expresses the attractive personality of the centre character of the movie. The jacket has detailed stitch with off-white colour stitching and red lining. It’s lapel collar, flap waist pocket and open hem cuffs make this jacket very unique.

 • Indiana Jones: Raider of the Lost Ark leather jacket worn by Harrison Ford is a distressed brown leather jacket with western cowboy style. This jacket gives an adventurous look which is what exactly Harrison Ford tried to portray in the movie. It has two cargo pockets, a chest pocket and adjustable straps on the sides. This style of jacket is perfect for those who love outdoor activities or adventures.

 • Howard Hughes jacket: The Howard Hughes leather jacket from the movie ‘The Aviator’ is definitely a trendsetter. The charismatic persona of business tycoon and aviator Howard Hughes has always been considered a style icon. This legendary character was played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie ‘The Aviator’. This brown stylish jacket gives a smart look. Short in length with stand up collar and front button closure looks smart and elegant. The jacket also has double breasted front, buttoned cuffs, chest pocket, draped lapel collar, and adjustable side tabs. It can be worn in the open style, half buttoned or full buttoned style.

Celebrity leather jackets are always trendsetters. Fans fall in love with the jackets their favourite celebrities wear. These jackets become the talk of the season and remain in fashion for many years. Leather jacket expresses strong personality and confidence. It is a timeless piece of fashion apparel and is very stylish every season.