Layer Cake Jacket

How a celebrity jacket can change your personality: is it worth the money you spend

The choice of celebrities in this season is a punk rock style jacket. In recent years, the fashion industry once again turned its attention to rebellious style, including punk and rock. Many designers presented a collection inspired by the rebellious youth subculture. This trend can be observed in this year collections.

In this regard, a leather jacket - an essential item of a rocker or punk becomes increasingly popular. It is perfect for changeable spring weather. Many celebrities, despite the warm days in New York and Los Angeles, do not leave the subject of the new must-have in this season - a leather jacket. Jessica Alba has chosen a jacket with spikes and chains, combining it with a long dress and nice flats, blonde Anne Hathaway preferred a model of slim leather jacket, Dakota Fanning added a small purple bag to the black leather jackets; Alicia Keys has chosen a shortened version of the worn-out leather jacket combining it with legging and white T-shirt.

With a help of a leather jacket you may create several fashionable looks: "a model look" - add rough men's shoes and skinny jeans to it; "a luxury glamour look" - by picking up a jacket, shoes with heels and a lot of jewelry; "a contrastive look" - by combining an asymmetric zip leather jacket with feminine maxi dress and flats.

How celebrities support their style withleather

Celebrities emphasize their style with the help of clothes. The secret of perfect appearance of the actor Daniel Craig who played the iconic James Bond is simple: suits, emphasizing all the advantages of his body, and his famous Layer cake jacket. Leather jacket is not only popular among men, but also among women. This is the very item of your wardrobe you should invest in during this season. If you want to follow the wardrobe of iconic celebs, all you need to do is find one that suits your personality as well as your body type. You can use this jacket for any kind of look you want.

Want to have a stylish look – Wear A Celebrity LeatherJacket

As we become older we learn, develop and groom ourselves. We start to follow people we like, celebrities that we adore. A personality is an amalgamation of many things starting from the emotions, likes, dislikes, our behaviour, what one wants in life and many other things.

People prefer being stylish in the most fancy and comfortable way. Let me tell you what the greatest hit is! Its the Celebrity great charm and Leather Jackets ! For making yourself more cutting-edge, stylish and captivating you should pick up the attire your favourite star puts on and amazing results are guaranteed to you. So, for a stylish look you can wear a celebrity leather jacket and make people like you even more! Oh wow, look, isn’t he wearing the Daniel Craig "Layer Cake Jacket”? Wow, it looks amazing! Or Girls would say: "Oh, this Victoria Beckham Leather Jacket makes her look even more attractive".

How about the money you spend?

It's not a secret that such stylish look can cost a lot. And celebrity jackets can be very expensive. So you may ask: is it worth the money you spend on it? Of course this choice is up to you. But is you are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on the very celebrity jacket, you can try to find something similar and still look great!