John Lennon Jacket

The latest fades of fashion world: Yesteryear iconic jackets are back - the trends this season

Leather Jacket is the most demanded detail in men's wardrobe in the autumn-winter season. Because the skin - one of the self-sufficient materials, jackets she usually distinguished for brevity and restraint. Even the most demanded in each season bombers, this year acquire a balanced look, less details and more volume. Leather jackets, rocker jackets and sports jackets are the trends of this year. But they all have the basis of a simple cut, no special decorative details and muted colors.

The early 1960s was a time of frequent fashion statements and fads. Numerous types of jackets, often selected originally for their functionality, were mass produced and introduced to the market as fashion-friendly options for men of all ages. Many of these jackets further surged in popularity after being spotted on celebrities, bands, musicians, actors, and other public figures.

Traditional black leather jacket is also in trend, but comes back the fashion of the 60th. Must have of this season is typical John Lennon jacket, who is considered to be a trendsetter of his time. Concerning the colors, popular are mustard, khaki, gray, green, and reddish-brown tones. Leather on jackets also has a variety of textures: often embossed or worn-out, many models are made of reptile skin, nubuck and glossy or matte trimming. Fur details, metal fasteners, rivets, buttons, quilted items, patch pockets - all these details create a stylish look, supporting fashion trends of this autumn-winter season.

Military looks particularly interesting in color burgundy, futurism is clearly demonstrated in a red version, asymmetric zip jacket looks great in traditional black, red leather is also more likely to be used in sewing jackets than other colors, and rich chocolate tones can be very useful for classical, direct style. In the men's designer collections of this year we can also meet sports style jackets as well as business models in the spirit of glamour. Extended models tend to have an emphasis on the waist using the belt or tight fitting cut.

According to the designers, it is not recommended to wear a leather jacket in the same stylistic vein with the other details in this season. It would be correct to observe eclectic, combining different styles together. Wearing asymmetric zip leather jackets together with elegant suit, and a leather jacket with jeans - that's what designers mean. Exactly fashionable these techniques make the look interesting and allow you to show your individuality.

In this season jackets for men should be like sport or bikers, or military style. Military style is just everywhere now - you should just accept it.

Retro style fashion of men's leather jackets and coats made from military fabric remin fashion motifs of 1940s and 1960s, the era of John Lennon and the Beatles.

Some models of outerwear for men simply copy retro-military items in detail reminding the Beatles style. Once John Lennon tried on a tunic in army style and that caused a wave of interest to the style of "military". This fact demonstrates that he was a trendsetter of his time. It is believed that it was he who introduced the fashion for the guitar, round glasses and Japanese wives. And John Lennoт jacket still give inspiration today's designers.

Traditional black is again the mainstream in this season, like it always was. But not only black by itself, but in combination with various textures of skin, velvet and materials in black, green, blue and other colors.