Iron Man Jacket

The 5 most popular leather outwears of movie super heroes this season

It is a known fact that movies have a great impact on the on the lifestyles. After watching a good movie one feels absolutely wonderful and wants to relate to the favourite person who is also the hero of the film in each sense. Superhero movies are one such example, which explicitly show off the trendy and fashionable apparels which make the fashion and news for the season.

Iron man jacket

This Iron man jacket has rocked the fashion market and was one of a kind. The trend commenced by Iron Man Tony Stark portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. is the hottest outwear of the season. These motorcycle jackets with Apexed zip pockets, banded collar with double snaps with its tapered zip sleeves make them classy. It comes in the shades of black and brown making the look noteworthy. They are the best casual wear of the season for men giving them a sporty feel.

X-men origins wolverine jacket

The biker jacket which was inspired by wolverine character, played by Hugh Jackman in this movie, also has a high demand in the market. The outerwear having slanted pockets on both sides and a fine Zipper closure in front to add to the appearance. Hues of black and brown make these jackets more appealing allowing the wearer feel confident and bold at the same time.

Ghost Rider jacket

The attire of the season, worn by Johnny Blaze while playing the lead character in the movie Ghost rider of Nicolas Cage is a sporty biker jacket. The cross zip pockets in the front with one open cross zip accompanied by a belt on the waist line to adjust, two inner pockets and spiked shoulder pads makes it more elegant and hottest fashion for all. The eyes glued to television screens when the skeletal superhuman The Ghostrider used to ride a bike with wheels, skull and hands on flame to teach a lesson to all who were bad and were engaged in wrong doings. It could be picked for all casual occasions.

Resident Evil jacket:

The rough and tough looks of the jacket worn by the main character of Resident Evil 6, Leon. S. Kennedy are competing equally in the race of latest vogue. The black leather apparel having a shirt like collar with two flap pockets in front, two in waist, accompanied by zip pockets on each side and two inside pockets with zip fastening snap tab cuffs gives it a hardy and valorous look. It can be worn by men on all casual to semi-formal occasions.

Captain America jacket

The blue winter soldier jacket of Captain America Steve Rogers is extremely another piece of panache. The breadth taking casual leather wear has a stand up collar with knitting, open hem style cuffs and a full front zipper closure. The breathable abdomen mesh on the jacket makes it more elegant yet masculine. It could be chosen for all casual to moderately formal events.


These outwears are the must - have for the season if one wants to look best. When paired up with cool denims and semi-formal shoes like loafers, one is ready to go for the respective occasion. It has every ability which would make spectator's head turn in the crowd.