Indiana Jones Jacket

The vintage movie jackets- The top 5 all time vintage hollywood jackets

There is a great deal of models and designs of stylish leather jackets for people, loving comfortable style. Casual garments are also adorable among celebrities; moreover, some trends are even dictated by them. There are iconic leather jackets which made especially popular lots of Hollywood stars. Which refined vintage movie jackets are still worthy to talk about? What prototype models power this season?

 •  Indiana Jones Jacket

If you are addicted to the style of shirt type collars and like leather things in brown colours, than Indiana jones jacket is up to you. Its design is made for adult men, who prefer comfortable and classic wear. Such jackets are relevant for a daywear, while walking, going to the forest or mountains or somewhere else. A handsome Harrison Ford offered his own style, wearing the jacket in team with a light shirt and a pair of pants. A trilby hat was the main zest of the look. The leather material is shabby and looks like it is worn. Two pockets on the waist are convenient and make the look more casual, because they may be the place for lots of things. We may see many samples of such jackets on the catwalks this year. So, it is a cool variant to be chosen by Harrison Ford’s fans.

Surrogates jacket

Another vintage look was created by Bruce Willis in the film “Surrogates”. Its rugged shabby material represents the breeze of the past. A shirt collar style, three zipped pockets on the breast and the waist and no other additional make the look savage but comfortable. The chocolate brown may be harmoniously suited to the black leather pants or brown jeans. The actor wore the jacket over the tee and the checked shirt, which wasn’t fastened. Such casual simplicity is called to provide comfort.

Easy rider jacket

For those people, who enjoy riding a bike, there is a cool type – an easy rider jacket. It attracts sporty style because of stripes, placed on the front of the clothing and over the biceps of the left arm. Peter Fonda was succeeding in creating a seductive look, teaming the jacket with a white tee. The emblem on the chest distinguishes the look among the other top 5. The combination of black leather and the stripes’ colours, which are incarnations of American flag, is successful and classy within the jacket.

Captain America jacket

Talking about the top 5 all time vintage hollywood jackets, it is necessary to point out the captain America jacket, which is associated with stunning and pricey garments, even though this retro model was represented many years ago. Chris Evan, wearing this article of clothing opened new elements, such as unusual cuffs and one waist flapped pocket. Brown shade makes the look memorable and creates endless abilities for the wearer to combine the jacket with different pieces of apparel. The jacket is suitable both for riding a motorcycle, filming or wearing as a casual thing.

Terminator jacket

If you look forward to creating the look, including both retro and modern elements, then the best option for this step is underlining Arnold Schwarzenegger’s look. Its winged collar with studs differ the jacket as something posh and urban. Staggering look will be overkilling if to pair this jacket with leather pants like the actor did. Zipped and flapped pockets decorate this hip article of clothing, adding some rock elements. The exclusiveness is in the adjustable belt, which is on the waist of the jacket.

So, aforementioned jackets still stay popular and are adorable by the followers of the celebrities, who used to wear them.