Inception Leather Jacket

The Italian look from Hollywood: trend setting leather jackets this season

It's not a secret that leather jacket is a popular item of clothing for several years. My focus always attracted a man in a leather jacket. Particularly advantageous to look together with the usual jeans and T-shirts. Leather jacket gives courage, brutality, but at the same time looks very attractive. In this post, I want to introduce you handsome male celebrities, who love leather jackets, which have become a part of their own style.

Johnny Depp

He is a guy who likes rock, and related brutal looks. If you like the sound of drums and guitar riffs - than this style is for you. Depp preferres the image of punk: wear leather jackets, heavy army boots, skinny or flared jeans, jackets combined with knitted hats and cowboy hats, big sunglasses, chains, rings, bracelets, belts with metal parts, rings with skulls. Of course, the 48-year-old Johnny Depp is a recognized style icon, although, according to him he is not thinking about how to look like someone or impose his own style on others. The star of movies "Libertine", "Tourist", "The Rum Diary" and saga "The Pirates of the Caribbean" loves sloppy tough style, , wears the classic trouser suits, leather jackets and T-shirts with torn jeans with the same charm.

Marlon Brando

Leather blouse, better known as a leather jacket, was invented in 1928 for military pilots, but it gained worldwide popularity after Marlon Brando starred in it in "The wild one" a bad guy. It has become indispensable for bikers since that time. In terms of style Brando is called an innovator in everything. As a real style icon, this guy was not afraid to take risks, and it cconcerned also the clothes. He wore jeans on the premiere of his films, and even being condemned by society for such tricks, still felt confident in himself. This manner of dress, arrogant and altogether soulful eyes, fast motorcycles and leather jackets - all this inspired an entire era, a whole generation. In almost 9/10th of is movie, he's wearing a simple black jacket and he makes it look insanely cool. He proved once again that it's notabout whatyou wear; most of the time, it's howyou wear it. The guy was so cool that he practically brought the jacket to the mainstream.

Ryan Gosling

Popular actor Ryan Gosling wears stretched T-shirts, sweaters, simple leather jackets and rough boots, quite casually making it especially attractive and sexy.

Moreover he seems to have decided to try his hand in the field of design. He proudly wears the gray leather jacket, which he has created himself. The actor was extremely pleased with his first design experience. According to him, it was very interesting. So maybe in the nearest future we will see a full collection of Ryan Gosling.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio can be seen in leather jackets not only in everyday life, but also in movies. The most popular are "Inception" leather jacket and "Aviator" jacket. “Inception” shows up the character of Leonardo DiCaprio as “Cobb” – an industrial mole posessing the talant of stealing the valuable information and ideas from a people's minds when they are in subconscious state. In the movie, Cobb was wearing classic black leather jacket. It had a full zipper, a shirt style collar and open bottom hem cuffs. Inception leather jacket is one of the most demanded products on the market now.