Hugh Jackman Jacket


Movie characters and leather outwear

To say that leather outwear is highly inspired by movie actors is as normal as saying that the sky is blue. The place of fame and admiration these boys and girls occupy gives them that advantage to inspire the fashion trends among the masses. Below are leather outwears that they inspired this season.

Kate Hudson

This multi-gifted super Hollywood actress featured among the numerous female stars who inspired many fashion lovers in the leather jacket fashion. Kate has been “caught” donning black biker’s leather jacket. She was also spotted in a trendy leather jacket (or is it her new craze?) during Michel Sheen’s birthday party in West Hollywood.

Johnny Depp

One of the film stars who made such an impact on the trending of leather jackets is the legendary and veteran Johnny Depp. He was spotted on several occasions clad in his favorite leather jacket that has become his trade mark. This jacket is an icon of freshness and lightness not just on Johnny Depp but also anybody who would like to achieve the same fashion statement. For all the admirers and fans of Depp, he inspired many leather lovers ranging from those of the Hugh Jackman jacket to biker’s, just to mention a few.

Paris Hilton

The famous Hollywood actress in her early 30’s inspired many of her fans and admirers this season as far as leather jacket trends are concerned. She was spotted in spicy and juicy leather jacket during the New York fashion week. She was also “caught” in New York City wearing a gorgeous black leather jacket, in the company of her white cat pet.

Hillary Duff

This young American actress and singer was another socialite who made numerous inspirations that shaped leather jacket trends this season. Hillary was spotted in a leather jacket paired with black jeans while she was visiting her friends performing at Rockwood New York City Club in the city of New York. She was also “caught” in an enviable red spiked leather jacket during her interview on one of America’s popular talk shows.

Hugh Jackman

He also put his name among the male celebrities who helped to put the jacket on the map of popularity. He is famous for his movie X-man series and its popular iconic X-man jacket. He also wore a cool long jacket in his another movie called Van Helsing.

Bella Thorne

The teenage actress did not lag behind while her female counterparts went ahead and wrote fashion-inspiring trends this season. Two weeks ago she too was caught in a black leather jacket blended with a sleek and floral pleated-dress.

James Dean

An upcoming and talented actor whose love for leather fashion was evident this season. This season he is among the Hollywood male celebs who were “caught” in a black motorcycle leather jackets, a cherished leather genre in the same level of class with the Hugh Jackman jacket.

Humphrey Bogart

He is one of America’s greatest movie icons and veterans. He is a veteran whose fashion inspiration is remarkable and outstanding. This season he was “rounded” wearing fur-collared bomber jacket.

Will Smith

He popularized the bomber jacket but this time round not the traditional black thing but a green one.

Mandy Moore

Another successful and multi-gifted Hollywood actress with a strong force of influence on matters fashion, including shaping the trends in leather jackets. She has been spotted on many occasions wearing black leather jackets.

All these actors had their fair share of inspiring and promoting leather outwear. Black seems to be the common trend color, from the Hugh Jackman jacket to the bomber jacket.