Hawkeye Vest

The leather vests trends this season- The Top 5 celebrity vests

Leather is expensive, yet it is one of the most demanding attire of all seasons. Besides leather jackets, leather vests have also gained popularity for the comfort and style. Leather vest has the astonishing ability to transform a plain outfit to an extraordinary one. Celebrities have inspired many leather vest trends that are now popular among general people. The top five celebrity leather vests are mentioned here.

 • Hawkeye vest: This famous leather vest is very demanding this season. The Hawkeye vest is a daring outfit of agent Hawkeye of SHIELD in the film ‘The Avengers’. This amazing Hawkeye vest is made of genuine leather with viscose lining to give extra comfort. The black vest has the logo of Avengers in brown colour with a sign of eagle on the chest. It has Nehru-style collar and the front pockets are zipped. This vest is a must have for leather fashion lovers.

 • Tom Hardy Bane Vest Leather Jacket: This stylish vest was worn by Tom Hardy in the movie ‘The Dark Knight’. The vest portrays a strong personality. This vest has chest armour at the front and belted buckle for a better fit. It has pads on the inside of the vest and on the shoulders adding extra comfort. This vest is indeed stylish and reflects a strong masculine attitude.

 • Hercules leather vest: Actor Dwayne Johnson wore this daring and awesome leather vest in the movie ‘Hercules’. The vest has padded features at the front which looks like six packs near the stomach area imitating a strong and masculine physique. Its inner viscose lining gives it extra comfort. This unique vest is worth having for casual events or while hanging out with friends.

 • The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Angel Wings Vest: Actor Daryl Dixon wore a stylish black leather vest on the famous television series ‘The Walking Dead’. It has black satin inner lining. The vest has steel fasteners near the chest and two pockets and has front button closure. The back has embroidered angel wings in gray colour making the patch prominent. The angel wing in the jacket gives it a trendy and attractive look. It is a great outfit to include in your wardrobe. It is most suitable for casual events and looks great with jeans and simple T-shirt.

 • The Warriors Ajax leather vest: This leather vest is from the movie ‘The Warriors’, worn by actor Michael Beck. The light brown coloured vest is stitched in a geometric pattern with thick black linings. It has the attracting logo of skull with wings at the back. The word ‘Warriors’ is also embroidered in a funky manner on the back. It is collarless having front button closure. There are two pockets on the sides also. This vest is a guaranteed head turner and will make you look extremely special.

Leather vests are mostly worn for the style and comfort element. Leather vests give a classy look and reflect the individual’s personality. It looks good with everything from jeans to formal pants. Leather vest is an ideal cloth to add an extra edge to your casual look. It makes you look younger. It is a good judgement to follow celebrity leather vests if are not aware of the latest fashion trends as celebrities are indeed trendsetters.