Ferris Bueller Jacket

Classic yesteryear's leather jackets: The all time top list

We cannot even imagine the trends in leather jackets in the modern day without acknowledging the classic yesteryear’s jackets. This is because of the mesmerizing look featured by many of the leather jackets in the past. In fact, some of those jackets were so amazing that many of the people still wear them and we see that many of those styles still exist today. In this regard, let us get a deep insight into the all-time best leather jackets and see how some of those jackets have won the hearts of many people and continue to do so.

Ferris Bueller jacket

One cannot simply get away with the look of this jacket. It would not be wrong to call Ferris Bueller jacket as one of the best yesteryear’s jackets that existed. This jacket comes in a unique amalgamation of brown color and skin color. The base of the jacket is made from fabric in skin color; however the shoulders, pockets and boundaries of the front zip have been specifically made from sheepskin leather and are incorporated into the jacket in brown color. This amazing look simply blows the minds of people. There are three zipped pockets in the jacket. The collar and coughs of Ferris Bueller jacket are made from tight, stretchable fabric in brown color. So, if you really wish to get one an idea of some of the best yesteryear’s jackets, this jacket should be your first priority.

Marlon Brando’s black biker jacket

It cannot be argued that Marlon’s Brando’s black leather jacket set the trend for the leather jackets which came in the following era. This amazing masterpiece was designed in vintage style and was available in black color. The jacket comprises of a diagonal zip at the front for the closure. There are also a number of horizontal and vertical zips at the front of the jacket. The jacket also features a unique texture on its surface which seems to be quite intriguing. The straps at the bottom of the jacket are included for tightening the jacket. Moreover, the amazing diamond-texture at the sides of the jacket makes it even more glamorous. If you are looking for one of the most fashionable yesteryear’s biker jacket, this is the perfect jacket for you.

Steve McQueen’s black leather jacket

This jacket has brought forward the trend of plain leather jackets with lining at one side of the jacket in various colors. Yes, the jacket is simply as amazing as it sounds to be. The jacket is made of thick leather in black color. There are two thick vertical lines at the left side of the jacket in yellow and red colors. The jacket features a very neat look and comprises of only one zipped pocket at the front. This is surely one of the most elegant jackets ever.

Batman Dark-knight leather jacket

Since we are talking about the best yesteryear’s jacket, how can we forget about the Batman jacket in dark knight rises? This plain jacket in dark black color comes with thick red lining at the back of shoulders and near the neck. The overall look of this jacket is quite tough and is best for young adults who wish to have a tough and fashionable look. So, do not miss the great opportunity of getting this amazingly unique jacket.