Dark Knight Jacket

The honda byker collection: what's new in this year collection

Honda presented his collection of clothing autumn-winter 2014-2015. The designers said that his collection absolutely accurately conveys all the features of the biker style, because bikers used to be free like the wind in everything, including clothes. The collection includes clothing detailss, which came into vogue in the early '50s, and remains in the trend so far - coats, leather jackets, jeans, T-shirts and shoulder bags.

Leather jacket and asymmetric zip jacket are the main articles of clothing for bikers. For sewing of the products various types of leather and the latest producing technology is used in this season. Sewing and finishing of leather products has its own unique style, as most of the work is done manually.

Outside links between GASi Honda, there was a collection inspired by the world most famous motorbykes. Prominent lines and bright colors are the main characteristic features of clothing and remind us racyng tracks and Dark Knight jacket style.

The collection is presented in full sets, complemented by HondaGAS co-branded line of leather, jeans, cotton (characteristic feature  is vintage effects), which adds clean image collection, perfect harmony between comfort and fashion.

Much of the collection is dedicated to women and is characterized by courage and dynamics. The collection represents the image of a girl strong and feminine at the same time.

Men collection is made in  fashionable and trendy Dark Knight Jacket style and recall the details of a Batman costume. The basis for the  material is made from polyester fibers which are used by the military and sporting apparel manufacturers because of their moisture-absorbing qualities. Fans of Batman will definitely love this. Also, it goes perfectly with the latest trend in fashion. That trend, that tends to change every time with new and sophisticated designs being released by designers. 

The world of bikes inspired not only a collection of  HondaGAS (which is entirely devoted to the world of motorcycles), but it also spontaneously came into a fashion collection of GAS,which is updated every season. Vintage leather motorcycle jackets, o combined leathers, leather or nylon jackets - all in combination with denim - all of them point to the dynamic spirit of this world in a very modern expression.

Some models of the clothes of last autumn-winter collection of designer clothes are for classic conservative bikers - leather pants and jackets, rough-looking moto boots or helmets. The second part of the collection is in more free style : here are T-shirts, bandanas original reinforced motojeans and caps. The designers give a second life to a jeans style, presenting a wide variety of worn baggy denim clothing and accessories to it. Also in the new collection of clothes, there are many different models for the real biker girlfriends. These are very comfortable and stylish leather pants and jackets, leather jackets, leather vests, T-shirts and tank tops, jeans clothing variants, bandanas and accessories.

In general, the autumn-winter collection 2014-2015 looks very stylish, interesting, original, masculine and the most important - in a biker style.

At the moment, the GAS Honda collection is sold through motorcycle dealers and through the clothing stores in more than 30 countries around the world. It is also demonstrated in the world's most prestigious shopping and motorcycle exhibitions such as the EICMA in Milan, Intermotv Cologna, International Motorcycle & Scooter Show in Birmingham and Mondialdu Deux Roues in Paris.