Contraband Jacket

Elegant fashion trends set by celebrity jackets this season: The top 5

Celebrities have always played a vital role in setting trends and fashion in the clothing industry. In fact, jackets are one of the most favorite clothing materials for these celebrities. This is the reason why people are simply mad about celebrity jackets and are dying to get one of these. And this is quite logical as well; who does not wish to resemble his favorite star or celebrity? In this regard, the good news for celebrity followers is that this season there has been a lot of elegant fashion trends set by these celebrities due to what they wore in a particular movie or even in their personal lives. In this regard, let us have a look at some of the most famous jackets this season worn by celebrities and discuss what new trends emerged from those jackets.

 •  Contraband jacket

This is the latest jacket worn by Chris mark recently. Contraband jacket is a leather jacket in brown color with a slim fit. The jacket gives a very casual appearance and is best for all the stylish people out there. There are two pockets at the front which easily blend with the look of the jacket. There is a zip at the front of the jacket for the closure. The most intriguing part of this jacket is its collar comprising of a little strap which contains a button for the closure of the collar. This jacket is definitely one of the most stylish ones this season due to its amazingly unique look and attractive appeal. You can wear this jacket with any clothes you want and the Contraband jacket will blend itself with the overall look of yours. It would not be wrong to term this jacket as a model for all the elegant jackets out there.

 •  James Bond leather jacket

The jacket worn by James bond in the movie “tomorrow never dies” is simply most creative and elegant jacket ever. The jacket comes in maroon color and is made of pure leather. The jacket is a bit long as compared to other jackets and comprises of a button closure at the front which is covered by a panel. The jacket comprises of a number of straps near the waist and near the sleeves for tightening them, which gives a totally new and distinctive look.

 •  Ryan gosling leather jacket

The black leather jacket worn by Ryan Gosling in the movie “blue valentine” is surely one of the most elegant jackets in black color. The jacket comprises of a diagonal zip closure at the front with double collars. There is horizontal lining on the arms of the jacket. The overall look of the jacket is shiny and seems to be quite attractive.

 •  Nick Hume jacket

The jacket worn by Nick Hume in “Death sentence” has set many new trends in the leather industry. The jacket comes in a plain look in black color, with a shiny appearance. However, the unique part about the jacket is the thick horizontal lining on one of the shoulders, in dark red color which seems to be very attractive.

 •  Michael Fassbender brown leather jacket

This is one of the best brown jackets this season. The jacket comes in dark brown color in a very simple appearance. The real elegance of this jacket is surely in its simplicity. This jacket has truly revived the real beauty of plain jackets this season.