Captain America Jacket

Superhero costumes of this season: The top 5 list

Superhero costumes have stepped into the fashion world thanks to lots of films. Each leather jacket of the suits is individual and is recognized by its logo, symbols, colours ect. The main characteristics of the superhero jackets are in the uniqueness and the way of pairing it with other things of apparel.

Now we want to tell about the top 5 superhero jackets of this season.

Iron man jacket

Robert Downey Jr. looked elegant and handsome, being dressed in a voguish jacket in the movie “Iron man”. The model of the jacket is much popular today. Its classic design without any additional elements helps the wearer to create an elaborate look. Each man dreams of this article of clothing. Smooth soft leather looks posh and being suited for putting it on at different occasions. Bikers especially like this thing, because its slim fit silhouette underlines the figure and fits well to other stapple things of the motorcyclist appearance. Zipped pockets allude to sporty elements, so teaming the jacket with cool trainers the wearer risks to look liberated and bold. Such jackets are especially adorable by men and make the look eye-catching.

Spiderman jacket

If you are a snappy dresser and prefer to stand out in a crowd, your choice is a spiderman jacket. The main characteristics of the jacket are a stand up collar and a spider logo. It makes the surrounding people set eyes on it. Urban look with a trendy stand up collar of the jacket is especially spread this season, so the fans of the movie may find their own jacket from it. To look like a slapper, it is not just enough to have this jacket in the wardrobe. This is a nice option to combine it with stylish leather pants or denims wear. The jackets’ sleeves are zipped on the cuffs and it adds some zest to the whole look.

Captain America jacket

It is a nice option for bold young people, who like high quality leather clothing and unusual designs. The silhouette of the Captain America jacket is classic and Chris Evans demonstrated this model successfully. This type of clothing is relevant for different occasions of the life – both wearing as daywear and putting it during the parties. Brown color of vintage jackets is enough trendy this year. Not less popular is the mix of both flapped and zip pockets within one thing.

Guardians of the galaxy jacket

The actor Chris Pratt from the movie “Gardians of the galaxy” opened us a new exclusive superhero thing in maroon colour – star lord leather jacket. Hugging the figure jacket always makes the look sexy and ideal. Men get the role of a seducer, so is Peter Quill – the character of the film. The model of the jacket is decorated with unusual flapped vertical pockets on the chest and zip waist pockets. Erect collar gives some confidence to the wearer that his look is stunning.

Smallville jacket

We are truly affected by the smallville jacket, which was worn by Tom Welling. To be a superman is not just wearing this jacket, but representing it within the trendy look, consisted of stylish pants, shoes and some accessories. This jacket is a cool type of clothing, which is adorable by bikers. It is both awesome and comfortable. The letter S on the breast, as the symbol of a superhero, distinguishes the jacket among others ones.

So, this variety of superhero costumes is wide and helps to chose own model.