Bourne Legacy Jacket

How leather trends changed in the Bourne Trilogy: the changing trends

The quality and style of leather products in the Bourne trilogy cannot be argued at all. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that a number of amazing leather products came into fashion from these movies. These movies featured some of the most stylish and attractive leather products which one could ever have. However, since these three movies of Bourne Legacy were separated by time, we saw a shift in the trends of leather products in the trilogy which were affected by the trends of that particular time. In this regard, let us discuss in detail how some of the most famous leather products changed during the trilogy and what new trends emerged.

Bourne trilogy jacket

The jackets in the Bourne trilogy changed immensely during the series. This is due to the trends at that time which greatly affected the choice of leather jackets which characters wore in the movies. However, it is interesting to note that the jackets in all movies gave a “tough” look no matter what their overall appearance was. In fact, in the later movies of this trilogy we saw more stylish and slim fitted jackets which won the hearts of many. For example, the “KIRILL superiority jacket” worn by one of the stars in “the Bourne supremacy”, which was the second movie of this trilogy. This was a long jacket made in vintage style and comprised of large buttons. The brown color of that jacket appealed to many people greatly. However, in the recent movie “the Bourne legacy” we saw Aaron Cross wearing a black leather jacket in slim-fitting which is also commonly known as the Bourne legacy jacket. This Bourne legacy jacket featured a quite shiny appearance and came with a zip closure at the front. This gave a quite cool look as opposed to the jackets worn in the previous movies of this trilogy.

Bourne trilogy leather boots

It is quite interesting to note that the leather boots worn the trilogy also changed to a great extent. In the beginning of the trilogy in the movie “the Bourne identity”, most of the actors were wearing long leather boots with laces and thick heels. However, recently in the latest movie of this trilogy we saw a completely new look. The hero in the movie wore a pair of leather hiking boots with rubber soles. The boots were available in black color and gave a quite tough look. This is a reconfirmation of the fact that the leather products used in the trilogy became more stylish as we moved further in the series.

Bourne trilogy leather trends in colors

The Bourne trilogy leather stuff witnessed a very consistent change in the colors during the series. It is quite intriguing to note that the favorite colors of most of the leather jackets, boots and vests in the first two movies were brown and grey. Although there were some black jackets seen as well, the majority of products were in brown and grey color. However, the latest movie in this trilogy featured an increasing number of leather products in black color. In fact, the whole appearance of the hero in “the Bourne legacy” was in black. This shows how the recent trends in the leather products greatly affect what is worn in the movies by one of the best actors and actresses.