Blade Jacket

Top Trend setting Hollywood leather jackets: the best of this season

This season a lot of people are in search of good jackets which would give them a unique and attractive appearance. In this regard, what can be a better model for them other than the amazing jackets worn by Hollywood stars in their movies? Yes, it is not wrong that an increasing number of people are being inspired by the amazing trends in Hollywood regarding leather jackets. However, you might be wondering that which ones of those jackets are the best for you. Well, you do not need to worry now as this article will provide you with all the information which you need. Let us have a look at the best trend setting Hollywood leather jackets this season.

Blade leather trench coat

Blade jacket is one of those leather jackets which haveblown the minds of many people. This is a long black leather coat made from high quality synthetic leather. The jacket is open at the front and comprises of a button for its closure. The most intriguing part of this jacket is the red lining at the back which matches quite well with the overall theme of the jacket. The lapel collar adds to the amazing look of the jackets and two pockets ensure that you can keep your hands warm at all times. The blade jacket was worn by Wesley Snipes in one of his movies. This amazing jacket is surely a trendsetter for leather jackets this season.

Ashton Kutcher black jacket

If we are talking about trend setting Hollywood leather jackets, how can we forget the stylish actor Ashton Kutcher whose clothing is simply admired by many people. The Ashton Kutcher black jacket is made from real quality, thick leather and is available in a shiny appearance. It features a unique collar with yellow stripes on it. It comprises of a button at the front for the closure of the jacket but the button is hidden at the inside of the jacket. The overall look of the jacket is quite amazing.

Another Cinderella story red jacket

This unique leather jacket in red color was born by none other than everyone’s favorite, Selene Gomez, in the movie “Another Cinderella story”. This jacket is available in short length with a shiny appearance. The jacket does not comprise of any collars. In fact, the red zip at the front is used for the closure of the jacket and looks quite awesome. This jacket is the best option for all the stylish, cute girls out there.

Farscape John Crichton vest leather jacket

This is a two-in-one leather jacket in a red shiny appearance. This jacket is sleeveless and gives the look of a jacket as well as a vest. There is black design at the sides of the jacket which looks quite good with its overall design. The best and most unique part of this jacket are the five belts at the front. These belts are not only meant for the closure of the jacket, they actually add an amazing appeal to the jacket and make it quite unique. This jacket has surely set some amazing and unique trends in the leather clothing industry. So if you are a fan of such a leather jacket, do not wait and get one of these this season.